Darjeeling Tour: A Playground Made of Hills and Forests

 A Darjeeling tour comes as a balmy treat for city-infested souls seeking relax and rejuvenation amidst hills and forests. This picturesque town is located in West Bengal, well known for its surreal beauty and scrumptious weather. The heart-touching scenery of green tea plantations never fails to leave marks on visitors. Moreover, the joyful ride on toy train and leisure walk along picturesque mountains is something that that one would love to cherish with for long. To cope with the modernism of today, a number of facilities are mushrooming in Darjeeling. Booking a Darjeeling tour package with a reliable travel company, you can have a holiday here with no stress at all.

 Scintillating locales and balmy weather happens to the major draw for tourists in the town. However, this place, owing to its unique topography and favorable climatic condition, has been a favorite haunt of adventure lovers. Fascinating mountains here draw trekkers from far and wide. They happen to be home to many trekking trails, with wonderful opportunity for trekkers of all abilities and endurance. Wildlife in this part of Himalaya is unique and appealing indeed. One can spot a variety of flora and fauna while being of forest training. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is where one can learn about the history of nature. Rock climbing and bird watching are some other popular outdoor adventure to try your hands at. To best plan your holiday, take help from a professional travel agent! There are some reputed tour companies in India, which arrange all needed facilities for a pleasurable holiday anywhere in India.

 Like Darjeeling, Kashmir is also a beautiful corner of India and where one can relish with an amalgamation of nature and adventure. A Kashmir tour allows backpackers to explore splendid beauty of Himalaya along with a range of enthralling adventures like rafting, boating, birding and trekking. Srinagar, Gulmarg, Leh Ladakh and Pahalgam are major tourist attractions one can discover under a complete Kashmir tour package.


Striping My Heart – My Dream Travel Destinations!

It is more than 3 years now that I’ve been reading, writing and practicing travelling. I have seen a lot of places, some of them being truly incredible, in India and abroad. And this was all without any bucket list. But now I decide to strip my heart, telling you three dream travel destinations of mine. These are where I wish to go… at least once before I die.

Las Vegas: By now you must have interpreted that I’m a fun lover. Yes I do accept it. I happen to be an ardent follower of nightlife that Las Vegas has to offer. This city is said be the one that never rests or sleeps and is where the night-time delights have no upper limit. I wish to play in the exotic casinos of the city and want to have drink, dine and dance in a rooftop bar like the Voodoo or Mandarin. I know I need a pocket… ohh a bank account full of dollars to turn this dream into reality.

Leh Ladakh: Besides of being a night-birdie, I am fanatic about outdoor adventures too. And a leh ladakh tour is where I can satiate my fancy to the core. A land of unique topography and inclement weather, Ladakh entices adventure freaks like me in hordes. From white water rafting in frozen Zanskar to trekking through rugged landscapes of Marka Valley and exploring exotic flora & fauna of the region – ladakh tourism has got everything to fill my senses with thrill and joy.

Mau Island, USA: One of the Hawaiian Islands, Mau offers stunning natural beauty right in front your eyes. The croaking waves, frolicking whales, shimmering waterfalls and lush green jungles here would take you to a whole new world crafted carefully by Mother Nature. I often watch this place in my dreams, but don’t know when would watch it with open eyes. Hope, very soon!


Jagannath Puri: A Place Full of Devotion and Merrymaking

Jagannath temple is one of the four sacred dhams of Hindus, located in the small coastal city Puri in Indian state of Orissa. This temple is very ancient and is very coveted for Hindus on mythological context. Visited by a large number of devotees year-round, this place is now a major pilgrimage site in India. The magnanimous temple of lord Jagannath here is the major attraction for devotees. It is where a wooden idol of the deity is worshiped from centuries. Besides, there are two other figures of Balbhadhra and Shubhdra which are equally revered and worshiped by devotees.

The temple of puri Jagannath is backed by the picturesque scenery of sea and distant land scenario. The entire of the city seems to be dedicated to lord Jagannath, as the day begins with enchanting sounds of temple bells, artis and bhajan. Every day, people in hordes visit the temple to pay the deity obeisance. On special occasions & festivals, an ocean of humanity can be seen flocking to this heavenly shrine. The famous Rath festival witnesses masses of crowds enjoying the festivity with fullest fervor and boundless devotion. It is when the images of deities are transported to the Gundicha Mandir in three massive chariots pulled with a slew of devotees by sturdy ropes. After 9 days, the idols are taken back to the main jagannath puri temple with an atmosphere full of amiability and merriment. This occasion is marked by great zeal and enthusiasm among the pilgrims and spectators. People’s devotion for lord Jagannath has to be seen to be believed.


Himachal Tour Package: Wade into the Realm of Mesmeric Shimla

Shimla is, undoubtedly, one of the most beguiling hill stations in India, known for its quiet, quant and distinctive natural charms. Mesmeric presence of mountains, forests, hill stations and plantation give the city an iconic status. Almost every Himachal tour package include trip to Shimla as a signature attraction. The poetic natural beauty and superb cultural heritages of this place can make anyone week on his keens. And for those looking for a dose of adventure, there is no dearth of outdoor adventures like trekking, birding and paragliding.

Sightseeing in Shimla is simply splendid. The beautiful Bhakhu temple is a place of great quant charm. Apart from that, exquisitely built Christ church and the Viceroy Lodge also adorn the city; visit to them can transport you to the British regime in India. The town has some post-card picturesque landscapes and really romantic locales. These natural sites are soul-soothing for visitors, no matter how many times they have been here. Keeping pace with modern age, new crops of restaurants, hotels, resorts and other recreational amenities are mushrooming here swiftly. The Mall Road is lined up with many entertainment sources and is major tourist spot in Shimla. Lovely weather is another reason why shimla packages remain in demand year-round.

Since a number of travel agencies offer himachal tour packages, plan to this little haven is not a hassle. Online booking facility is available for all major travel services. Customized shimla tour package ensure the vacationers a holiday as per their own needs and budget.


Bangkok Tour: Taste the Best of Thai Food and Shopping

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a multi-purpose destination. From being a major hub for night-birdies to a popular venue for shopping and eating out to a heaven for Buddha devotees – Bangkok is really a dream travel destination in Thailand.

A visit to this Thai capital is an ultimate chance to wade into a realm of unending fun and delights. The lip-smacking food, gleaming Buddha temples and superb shopping keep the visitors enchanted every time. Then there are vibrant bars and clubs, flea markets and luxurious hotels who invite the guests for a great experience. The Sky Bar – an open-air bar, is where the guests would savor the best of Thai cuisines with live jazz music against the breathtaking view of river Chao Phraya River.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call Goa as a foodie’s heaven. The delicious Thai food, various varieties of noodles and Red and green Thai curry are a few of delicacies are must-try in the city. Almost every street during bangkok tour will have stalls for the same. Chinatown is the best place to enjoy street-food. Additionally, you can head to the Ratchadamri Road, Victory Point or Silom Road to taste the best of Bangkok Street-meals.

Shopping is truly a place to be if you happen to be a shopaholic. Go to the Siam Paragon mall or Centralworld Mall for high-end items, while the famous MBK is where products of all varieties are available at reasonable rates. The famous Sukhumvit Road is also lined with shopping malls, department stores and street side vendors, and hence is a place where you can shop till you drop.

The best time to enjoy bangkok tourism is between April and June, before it starts monsoon over there. Online availability of bangkok packages ensures the travelers an easy and hassle-free trip to this lovely city.


Goa Tour Packages: 3 Foods You Must Try When In Goa

Goa is a lovely place to enjoy a summer holiday. So come this summer, you can pack your trunks and plan a trip to this seaside destination. Goa tour packages can be bought for a family holiday as well as for a honeymoon. And since there is no good or bad time to visit this place, feel free to hop over to the site whenever you feel like.

But no matter when you go, do make sure that you try some of these dishes. Goa is a culinary man’s delight. And some of these foods are extremely popular with the tourists:

Prawn Curry: The prawn curry of Goa is the best thing you would ever put in your mouth. It is highly delicious and would give you immense digestive pleasure. Made from prawn, this curry is served in many of the top restaurants and eateries of the state. Under goa beaches packages, you get to check many important food joints. So, do not miss out on prawn curry, unless you are a vegetarian in which case you are something to be pitied at!

Sorpotel: Sorpotel is another thing which would fill you with gastronomical delight. It is a meat product made from pork. Again, you would really rue your luck if you turn out to be a veg. It is a finger-licker in every sense of the word. Besides, it is one of those dishes which are sold only in this state.

Coconut and Fenny: Coconut can be consumed irrespective of your vegetarian or non-vegetarian status. Coming to Goa and not eating/drinking coconut would be like traveling to Mumbai and not trying its Bhelpuri or like traveling to Kolkata and not swallowing its rosogollas. Alternately, if you like hard drinks then go for Fenny.

Internet world now offers all sorts of deals for holiday in goa whether you spend it on beaches in goa. So, make an appointment with Goa this summer and dig into its favorite foods.


Is Northeast India Really as Beautiful and Wonderful as They All Say?

I had seen this part of India in magazines and many web images. It always looks mystic and a place of unique aroma. The images of tribal people, endangered wild animals and exotic natural locations are sure to entice anyone to pay a visit to this fabulous territory. But is it really as beautiful as it looks like? This was the question cropping up in my mind before heading to this so-called naturally opulent region.

Last month, I made a visit to Sikkim. This is one of the popular tourist centers in northeast India. And true to its reputation, I found the state a dream destination for nature-lovers. Every nook and cranny of this state was photogenic and something you would love to savor for long. The superb monasteries, heart-touching mountainous panorama and interesting cultures and lifestyle are just a fraction of reasons why I found this pace close to my heart. I stayed in Gangtok and checked out the major tourist locations nearby. The apartment I was staying in was just facing a hilltop monastery. The ringing of bells was as clear as whistle, while the saffron prayer flags on the top were looking simply awesome.

Greenery is omnipresent here and so is the serenity. Driving through mountainous paths with superb views all around is a treat for eyes and senses. People are warm and hearty and are always eager to help you. Delicious cuisines, interesting cultures and salubrious weather are some other reasons why a Northeast India tour package is so much popular among vacationers. Like shimla tour, Gangtok trip is also a great chance to explore cultural heritages. Besides of exquisitely built monasteries, this place makes mark with its lovely temples and gorgeous monuments in/around.

But before you set foot on this splendid region, you better grab some info about the destination. Booking of a northeast tour package from a reputed company is the best idea.


Some Obvious Reasons Why Kashmir is a Traveller’s Heaven

There is always a scope for amelioration. But this quote goes conked out when you’re in Kashmir. This place is so stupendously beautiful that you wouldn’t ask for more. The lofty mountains blanketed by the white layers of snow, shimmering streams & waterfalls and amazing lush green forests packed of exotic flora & fauna, there is no wonder Kashmir is called as a heaven on earth. A kashmir tour package is always a great chance to wade in to this magical realm with no stress at all.

Well, there are several reasons why Kashmir is so much popular as a holiday destination. It has been a treasure house of natural facets, which are nothing less spellbinding. The beautiful Dal Lake in Srinagar is where the couple finds rejoicing treat. Besides of its hypnotic beauty, this largest lake in North India provides opportunities for many water activities. The Mughal Gardens in neighbourhood is a place to see the grand architectural design of Mughals. It is a combination of three beautiful gardens and houses perhaps the finest collection of trees & plants in India. Gulmarg is another signature attraction of kashmir tour packages. This place is highly renowned for its lovely landscapes and enticing adventure sports. And how can you surpass over the magical Leh Ladakh when tourism attractions of Kashmir are talked about. Blessed with a unique topography, this place is dream comes true for nature lovers.

Kashmir has long been a firm favourite of adventure seekers. This place offers a great range of adventure sports to relish with. They are trekking, white water rafting, camping and skiing. Additionally, the appealing cultures and culinary delights of kashmir packages also mark in visitor’s mind.


Shimla Trip: Happiness is All Here!

It can lift up your mood, soothe your eyes and senses and make your life refreshed! Literally, Shimla is a place where all your worries can fade away. I made a Shimla trip last month and like always the city was cheerful. Morning was refreshing. The sun was imparting the vitality, grooming out of the mist-clad mountains. The greenery was omnipresent, through green plantations, apple orchards and dense jungles.

Sightseeing in Shimla is mesmerizing. The Jhakhu temple is a place of great historical and religious charm. It is located hilltop and offers panoramic views of surrounding mountains and deodar forests. The captivating Christ Church is another historical gem that deserves a mention when shimla tour package attractions are talked about. Breathtaking views of mountains from the bustling Mall Road leave the visitors mesmerized. At the time sunset, a great number of vacationers can be seen on the road strolling leisurely. Lined with plenty of shopping spots, dining avenues and recreational centers, this is busiest tourist place in the region. The Ridge, nestled on the Jhakhu Hill, is a famous sightseeing location of Shimla.

Getting around Shimla is quite easy. This is a small city which can easily be covered on feet. However, for long-distance locations, you can easily hire an auto-rickshaw or a private cab. For accommodation, the city has a wide range of hotels and resorts to suit any need and budget. Top-class hotels in Shimla offer pleasurable stay in a world-class ambience. However, there is no dearth of low-class hotels, which make an ideal stay for budget-conscious backpackers. Over all, a shimla tour is entire superb and full of felicity. Online availability of shimla packages or complete Himachal tourism packages ensures that one can easily plan a trip to this fabulous hill station.


Top 4 Most delightful Experience during Goa Holiday

You must have heard of Goa’s heart-touching locales, pulsating water sports, warm sandy beaches and rewarding shopping and dining. Well, who haven’t? After all, Goa is the India’s most popular tourist zone with loads of attractions to relish with. However, any visitor taking on holiday in goa must know about this place beforehand, so that he can plan the trip perfectly.

Here are 4 most delightful experiences one can have at this coastal state.

Fun and frolicking at Goa beaches: This is the primary reason why such a big crowd heads on to Goa year-round. There are more than 35 beaches in the state, which boast characteristics of their own. Some most happening beaches in goa are Calangute, Anjuna, Baga and Candolim, which are teeming with loads of merriments. Along with a range of heart-throbbing adventures, you can enjoy shopping, dining or leisure funs at these superb beaches.

Go on Sea Cruise: This is a great fun! Taking a sea cruise will certainly lift up your mood, no matter you’re with family or friends. Sailing through the endearing Mandovi River or the mighty Arabian Sea, you’ll enjoy various fun-filled programs on your trip.

Visit to Old Goa: If you happen to be a history admirer, then the trip to Old Goa is a thing for you. You will admire many colonial edifices, glorious churches & temples and mighty Forts, reflecting the state’s wealth of ancient eras.

Shopping at Anjuna Wednesday Market: It would be an experience to joy and thrill. The market takes place on Anjuna, the most vibrant goa beaches, and is a place where you can shop for exquisite hand-made items, trendy garments, spices and dry fruits at bargaining rates.


A Short Guide for Budget Chardham Yatra

After the snow at the foothills of the Himalayas melts down in summer months, many Hindu devotees start flocking to Garwal region in Indian state of Utterakhand. They in fact go to pay homage to the four main deities of Hindu religion at four most sacred temple towns known as Chardham. A journey to these four destinations including Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotari and Yamunotari is known as chardham Yatra, a pilgrimage that every Hindu wishes to commence, at least once in lifetime. It is believed that this journey can wash all the sins away and the one who complete the sojourn gets rid from the cycle of death & birth.

This pilgrimage is possible only in summer months: begins in May and ends in November. The peak season for the Yatra is May-June, when the weather is just perfect in the region. The monsoon months are better to avoid, due to heavy rainfall and possibility of land sliding in this hilly area.

Unlike other pilgrimages in plains, chardham yatra is tough to take. Only two (Badrinath and Gangotari) of the destinations can be accessed by vehicles. The remaining two can be reached only after a tough trekking. Natural facets en route however make it worth taking efforts.

Chardham Yatra can be bet planned under a suitable package from a reliable travel agency. Now, many companies offer Yatra packages in various ranges and ensure the devotees a pleasurable and hassle-free tour. Accomodation, transfers, meals and other needed facilities are included in these packages. Book one such deal, you can enjoy a budget chardham yatra with no hassle at all.


Top 4 Places to Go During a Kerala Honeymoon

With scores of scintillating beaches, splendid backwaters, small island islands and pleasurable weather, Kerala is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in India. The south Indian state brews on platter an array of attractions to make your honeymoon a long-lasting memory. Spend a week or so in Kerala, and you’ll definitely be a different couple on your return to home.

Kerala has many romantic corners, where the couples would love to tweet together and spend memorable time in nature’s lap. If you’re planning a honeymoon in Kerala, the following are the must-visit places for you. Book among the kerala honeymoon packages online and have an exquisite travel experience.

Kochi: This vibrant cosmopolitan port is a place of lovely backwaters, rubber plantations and pepper cardamom. Serving as the gateway to Kerala, the city is filled with many attractions which never fail to delight newlyweds. From lazy stroll along the Fort Kochi Beach to a visit to the St. Franscis Church and Vasco House to pampering stay in Kochi hotels, a honey here is a blissful experience for anyone.

Munnar: This lovely hill station will give you the prettiest vistas of nature. Surrounded by lofty hills, shimmering streams & waterfalls and gorgeous tea plantations, Munnar is rightly dubbed as the natural paradise. The scrumptious weather adds more to the gracility this place has to offer you.

Kumarkoram: Spend a day in the luxury houseboat, explore mystic backwaters and enjoy stunning sun-set views during your holiday in Kumarkoram. Tranquility and greenery is ubiquitous here.

Kovalam: This place is famous for its picturesque beaches with shallow waters and low tidal waves. It is a great place to relax and romance, and hence sees masses of footfalls of newlyweds. The lighthouse beach here is one of the most popular beaches in Kerala. Plenty of hotels & restaurants give it a touch of exoticism.

Nowadays, a variety of honeymoon packages in kerala are offered by travel portals at discounted rates.


Delight Your Every Sense With A Trip To Bangkok or Phuket

Bangkok and Phuket are two destinations which are considered the hottest in Thailand. Though this Southeast Asian country is teeming with countless of attractions for travelers, these places have unique appeal that leaves the visitors spellbound. Charms and essence of these lovely places can be believed only when you visit there.

Phuket: The best thing about this isle is that there is always something for everyone. From sun-kissed beaches to splendid nightlife and a range of enthralling activities – Phuket is where every moment is fun-filled. The serenity is omnipresent at this blue-green landmass. The Phang Na Bay here is a place of unmatchable beauty. The sheer limestone cliffs emerging out of emerald green waters here are breathtaking to look on. If you’re the one looking for nightlife fun, there can’t be a better way than after-dark strolling down Patong's Bangla Road to satiate your fancy. Don’t expect a family atmosphere here, as the entire road gets packed with ladyboys, exotic girls and enough extraverts to fill the vacationers’ senses with limitless nightlife moments. The lovely beaches, exquisitely built temples and gorgeous viewpoints will give you a sense of sheer pleasure.

Bangkok: Bangkok is one of the most happening cities around the world, but it doesn’t means that it has nothing for peace-seekers. Plenty of yoga and meditation centers are always eager to give vacationers a purity of heart, peace of mind and relaxation of body. Splendid temples are not the architectural master pieces but also the places of matchless serenity and solace. The Grand Palace in Bangkok is where you can sample the royal lifestyle and a unique elegance during your holiday. Also, yes the modern charms of the city including shopping, eating outs and hospitality in Bangkok hotels are something you can’t afford to miss out. bangkok packages are also famous for offering pulsating nightlife experience.

Plan your tour under a Thailand package and you’ll be enjoying it fully. Nowadays, a wide range of thailand tour packages are available online.


Kerala Honeymoon Packages: A Cocktail of Nature, Art and Romance

If you take a poll and ask prospective honeymooners to choose a perfect honeymoon destination in India, then a majority of them would choose kerala honeymoon packages. Kerala, a south Indian state, is one of the serenest and most romantic corners not just in this country but in the whole wide world. It is hard to pinpoint one single trait or quality about this state. It is actually so full of attractions and natural corners that it seems too good to be true. Only a fairy land could have had backwaters, hills, forests, rivers, beaches and waterfalls at the same time.

Honeymoon packages in kerala transport you to a virtual fairy land where you traverse through the blissful hills of Munnar and saunter over to the wildlife sanctuaries of Periyar, finally gliding over to the serene backwaters of Alleppey. Apart from the natural attractions, the state has plenty more to offer.

For instance, it is a place where an exciting set of culture resides gleefully. The people are affable and hospitable, and most of them are literate and intellectual. Then, there is the food which comprises of some really delectable dishes like the dosa and the Sambar vada.

Kerala honeymoon packages also give you a chance to unwind at the spa sessions. The Ayurvedic parlors in the state are very popular and even foreign tourists make sure to pay a visit to them. The famous Kathakali dance is a vital ingredient of the local art and is embedded deep into the state’s culture. And then there are the joyful rides on the houseboat and over an elephant. For all these reasons, the demand for honeymoon packages in Kerala is always on the rise.


How to Get Budget Chardham Yatra Packages?

Chardhams in Utterakhand are the most auspicious pilgrimage sites for Hindus. They are situated in the hilly area of Garwal and are noted for their religious significance and astonishing natural beauty. The Yatra to these four destinations begins in summer months, when weather is congenial and it is possible to approach these mountainous destinations without extreme difficulty. However, the nature of the Yatra is tough and tourists are advised to book a Chardham Yatra package to enjoy a hassle-free pilgrimage.

Usually, packages for Chardham Yatra are expensive, as these places are located a bit far away from each other. So, arranging accommodation, transfers and other travel facilities is not an easy task and travel agencies often charge high for that. But if you know where to search and when to search, you can easily find a vacation package on budget-friendly rates. Whether you book the travel facilities separately or reserve a complete Yatra package, the following tips may you help you in planning budget chardham yatra.

• Search online after determining your needs and budget.
• Visit more than one travel portal and do comparative analysis on what they are offering in term of services and price.
• Try to book a package that has all inclusive deals, since booking accommodation, transportations separately would be expensive.
• Don’t hesitate in negotiating. Try to get a package that matches both your requirements and budget.
• Booking your package through a reliable travel portal is imperative. Dealing with a cowboy operator may make your pilgrimage a mess.


How to Get into Shimla: The Queen of Hill Stations?

A holiday in Shimla can be a lifetime memory, allowing you to enjoy a perfect blend of serenity, sightseeing and cultural delights. The breathtaking views of mountains, sublime clime, and appealing cultural heritages – it wouldn’t be wrong if you call it a backpacker’s heaven. Shimla tour packages are designed to cater the travelers’ needs of a pleasing and stress-free holiday.

When it comes to get into this lovely hill station, there are plenty of options available for you. Being a major tourism destination, Shimla is well connectivity with all major cities in North India by all three means: rail, road and air. Have a look!

Air: The Jubberhatti, about 25km from Shimla, is the nearest airport, which has connectivity with Delhi, Chandigarh and Kullu. For those coming for far away cities, landing at Chandigarh airport would be a good idea. Chandigarh has flight connectivity to most of the airports in India.

Rail: A narrow gauge line connects Shimla with Kalka: a major railway station in North India. You can find daily trains from Delhi to kalka. The further journey from kalka to Shimla is a treat for one’s eyes and senses. The 96km distance is covered in 5-6 hours, but it passes through splendid scenery of mountains, plantations, waterfalls and forests. There are over 100 tunnels en route.

Road: Shimla is about 370km from Delhi and can easily be accessed through buses or private taxis. Many people use their own vehicle to go on a weekend vacation at this fabulous hill station. Many travel agencies offer Volvo bus services for travelers from all major cities in North India including Delhi, Chandigarh and Kalka.

Alternatively, one can book a shimla tour package to ensure a time-effective, pleasurable and stress-free shimla tour.


Top 5 Things to Do in Sentosa During a Singapore Holiday

Sentosa Island is one of the must-visit places during your singapore holiday. Without a doubt, it is the best region to explore the myriad attractions in the country. It is a place replete with fun and adventure activities so that both young and old can have a rejuvenating time.

Here are 5 must-do things in Sentosa:

Visiting the Underwater World: Underwater World is a really good place for those who always fancied the underwater organisms. Visitors are taken on a sort of joy ride and are given glimpses of several creatures that lurk the belly of the ocean. Since, people of all ages love this experience, you will find it in the itinerary of any singapore package.

View the Dolphins at the Dolphin Lagoon: Dolphin Lagoon is another top-notch attraction which is a firm favorite of children. Shows are held where trained dolphins entertain you as they enthrall spectators with their performances.

Enjoy the View from Tiger Sky Tower: Tiger Sky Tower is another masterpiece and definitely deserves a visit. It may not be the biggest attraction of Sentosa but is certainly worthy of a visit. It offers a fabulous bird eye view of the island and is particularly loved by the children.

Feel the Thrill of 4D Magix: At 4D Magix, you can feel the ultimate thrill of top-class movie-watching experience. With some jaw-dropping special effects, your Singapore holiday is surely going to be an unforgettable tour at this theatre.

Go For The Cable Car: The cable car or the trolley offers a leisure ride and a scintillating view of the green-blue Sentosa. It is another activity you must opt for under your Singapore package.


How to Find a Budget Chardham Yatra Package from the Internet?

Chardham is one of the most popular pilgrim destinations in India. It is a blissful and serene voyage into the northern mountains of the country and includes a trip to the temples at Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. Collectively, these 4 places comprise the chardham yatra.

Now, one can easily find a budget chardham yatra package from the internet. Online booking has several advantages. It not just saves time and money, but it gives you complete comfort and the leisure of doing your research when you are free. In order to find a decent and great package, you must visit the website of a prominent tour operator and see if they have a package as per your requirement. Since, pilgrims go for this yatra every summer, it is likely that you would find a package which is very cheap. In this context, you must note that the price of the package depends on the duration of the state, the quality of accommodation booked and the facilities you have opted for. The more the facility, the higher shall be the price!

Still, one must admit that a number of popular travel operators can now plan your chardham yatra at the lowest possible cost and without neglecting the basic comforts. Some of them even make alterations in the original package to suit your requirements or to include some custom need. Though your entire expenditure would depend on the strength of your family in terms of numbers, what is sure is that you can easily curtail the average expenses per person by opting for a budget chardham yatra packages.


Singapore Holiday: What to See in Singapore?

Singapore is one of the most enthralling places in the world. It may be a very small-sized country in terms of size but its dynamism and versatility has got no match. One can even go on to say that Singapore is one of the most complete countries in the world and so it offers a very satisfying holiday to every visitor. Under a singapore package, you can visit countless attractions.

But let us narrow down the list and present some of the most popular attractions which you must see during a singapore holiday:

Sentosa: Sentosa is an island and has many landmarks and attractions. Its beaches are a class apart, and you just cannot miss out on the Statue of Merlion!

Jurong Bird Park: Jurong Bird Park is another must-visit place. If you have kids with you, then you must definitely take them to this place. But even young couples can head there for its eclectic collection of birds.

Night Safari: For enjoying night safari, you need to head to Singapore Zoo. A Singapore holiday without taking pleasure of this safari would be really incomplete!

Universal Studios: Universal Studios is a fun place to be at. The crowd can get baffling out here since it is full of wonders! With theatres, shows and scampering clowns everywhere, you would feel that you have really entered a land of virtual celluloid.

Botanic Garden: It wouldn’t be a bad idea to wake up one day and jog at this beautiful park. Singapore Botanic Garden is extremely serene and green. With so many varieties of plants and flowers, you would really find yourself in a pleasantly soulful corner. Make sure to get this garden included in your Singapore package.


Manali: A Paradise Amidst Hills

Manali is a beautiful hill station situated in the lap of mighty Himalaya. It serves as a perfect holiday destination for lovers of nature and adventures. A large number of honeymoon couple also come here for relax, romance and rejuvenation.

Manali is situated in Himachal Pradesh, at the Northern end of Kullu Valley. The nearest railhead is Chandigarh (350kms), while the nearest airport is in Kullu (about 40km). But the most preferred way to reach to this scenic heaven is by roads. This place is about 550kms from the capital city Delhi, and can easily be accessed by buses or a private taxi. Many privately owned Volvo buses run between Delhi and Manali on daily basis, ensuring the travelers an easy and convenient riding experience.

If the natural facets like mountains, rivers, waterfalls & lush green plantations excite you, then Manali is your perfect vacation spot. The entire region is packed of verdant natural beauty and can give your eyes an unforgettable treat. Balmy weather and tranquil surroundings are some another reasons why this place makes mark on tourists.

For sightseeing, Manali has an array of options to choose from. There are beautiful temples like the Hidimba temple, Manu temple and Vashishta temple, which are worth visiting. Apart from that, Manali boasts gorgeous views of mountains, rivers and valleys which are nothing less spelling binding. Rohtang Pass is a high mountain pass where the tourists are welcome by breathtaking views of Pir Panjal Range. Also, this place can easily be tagged as an adventure-lover’s paradise. One can enjoy trekking, rock climbing, forest trailing and bungee jumping at this place. Now with a range of manali honeymoon package being available online, planning your holiday is not a hassle anymore. To pick your most suited manali tour packages, advance research on web is recommended!


Kashmir Tour: Tempting You with Sheer Natural Beauty and rich Cultural Heritages

Your eyes will get stuck on the marvelous beauty of snow-clad mountains, deep endless vales and meandering lakes, your senses will be delighted by a balmy mountainous weather and you’ll get to explore the awe-inspiring cultural heritages – all in all a Kashmir tour is an unforgettable experience for backpackers. Perched between the splendid mountain ranges of Pir Panjal and Zanskar, Kashmir is a place of hypnotic beauty of nature and is a dream comes true for culture enthusiasts. Additionally, a kashmir tour package gives the visitors a dose of divinity and serenity.

There is a long list of things to do and see in Kashmir, and Shikara boat floating above placid waters of Dal Lake is what a tourist must not miss out anyhow. One of the largest lakes in India, the fabulous Dal Lake in Srinagar is pride of Kashmir. Nearby the lake are scintillating Mughal Gardens known for their awe-some collection of plants, flowers and fun activities. Historical monuments and age-old mosques in the city of Srinagar are other attractions for tourists.

Gulmarg is a lovely hill station near to Srinagar. This place turns magically beautiful during winters with snow-clad mountains and frozen rivers and glaciers. Wonderful opportunity to enjoy winter sports also allures backpackers in hordes. Summer welcome the tourists with balmy weather and breathtaking panorama of flowery valleys. Pahalgam is another scintillating hill resort in Kashmir, known for its sheer beauty of nature. It is also a place of religious importance for Hindus, and is the base camp for trekking to sacred Amarnath Cave in snowy Himalayas.

When it comes to plan a kashmir tour which is hassle-free and pleasurable, booking a suitable deal among kashmir holiday package online is an ideal choice.


Himachal Tourism Highlights: Have a Quick Look!

Abundance of natural beauty, lovely climatic conditions, interesting mountainous cultures and appealing history, Himachal is undoubtedly one of the most captivating tourist destinations in India. This North Indian state is situated amidst loft hills of Himalaya and is considered as the backbone of Indian tourism industry.

The state is widely known for its natural treasures including rolling hills, deep endless valleys, scenic highways and lush green forests & plantations. Apart from that, a Himachal tour bestows the visitors with a unique religious ecstasy and an opportunity to indulge with various adventure sports. Trekking in the state is internationally popular. The scenic mountains here boast splendid trekking trails which delight adventurers of all abilities. Also, one can try his endurance with some other adventure sports like river rafting, camping and forest trailing during himachal tour packages.

Since the state has too much to pen down in one small write-up, the following are a few major highlights of himachal tourism packages.

• The Gorgeous views of mountains & chandar-bhaga River on the way back from Kaylong to Manali
• Splendid scenery of the Sarchu Plateau on the Road from Manali to Leh at a height of 16000 feet
• The Beautiful historical Church on the Ridge in Shimla with captivating background of mountains & plantations
• Dalhaussie: a city built on and around five hills with breathtaking scenery of snow-capped peaks
• The Nimgyalma Stupa is a heart-touching place being a memorial of those Tibetan who fought for a free Tibet.
• Paragliding in Solang Valley near kullu-Manali.


Manali Tour: Wade across the Heaven in Himalaya

Perched amidst lush green Himalayan ranges and situated on the glorious Beas River, Manali is among the most beautiful hill stations of India. At an altitude of 1926 meters, Manali features a cool natural environment and makes an ideal spot for a family vacation, a honeymoon and a fun-filled getaway.

The majestic Himalayan peaks surround the town, which casts on travelers a magical spell with their breathtaking views of snow-clad peaks and soul-soothing mountainous climate. Over the year, Manali has turned into a popular hill resort in North India, and modern facilities are mushrooming here swiftly. Travelers who want to spend time in tranquil natural settings take manali tour year-round, and true to its reputation this tow never disappoints them. Lush green landscapes, snowy Himalayan peaks and a number of sightseeing destination keep visitors mesmerized. The Mall Road in Manali is dotted with plenty of shopping spots, restaurants, hotels and night club adding a touch of exoticism.

If you happen to be an outdoor enthusiast, Manali is an ultimate destination for you. Trekking in beautiful Himalayan peaks is a soulful experience for trekkers of all abilities. The beautiful Beas River is great place to enjoy white water rafting. Additionally, you can enjoy camping and bird-watching on the bank of this meandering river. Manali is one of the few places in India where para-gliding can be enjoyed. The easy slops near Solang Valley offer great opportunity to see the beauty of this region by a bird’s eyes. Nowadays, many private travel operators arrange outdoor adventures in Manali. Alternatively, you can buy a Manali package and can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. A variety of deals for manali packages including Manali adventure package and manali honeymoon package are offered online to choose from as per your preference and vacation style.


My Experience of Para-Gliding in Manali Tour

I could feel my heart and mind wriggling. It was a situation of disarray and I was unable to decide whether to take it or leave it. But suddenly my heart mumbles – you’re here to do this; you’ve been dreaming about this for so long and now if it’s calling you how can you take back steps. And then I did that, I felt that and I enjoyed that like nothing else.

Para-gliding in Manali was truly an experience my lifetime. Exploring the breathtaking beauty of mounds, vales and dense green forests from a bird’s eyes was an exhilarating feel which I can sense even today. Manali is perhaps the best place in India to Fly. It has easy slopes perfect for paragliding. The scenery is splendid, and the atmosphere is also second to none. The Solang Valley, around 14km from Manali, is the place where this exciting adventure is arranged by many private agencies. The place where I took off for paragliding is called Gulapa on road up to the Rohtang Pass. Palchan, the Crossroad-town in the Valley in north of Manali, is another place where you can drip up to Solang. But for long flight above the Kullu Valley, Gulapa is a very good place.

Paragliding during manali tour is quite reasonable. For me, the cost was about INR 2000 and I flew around 18km. The summer months from May to September are best to enjoy this adventure. Advance booking through a reputed travel agency is recommended if you’re planning to go there at peak season. Alternatively, manali packages are also available to enjoy this sport and other fun-filled excursion in the city at ease.


Goa Beaches: Pretty Enamoring, Plenty Fun-Filled

If you want a holiday at beaches, then Goa would be your best choice in India. For the city-infested souls, feeling exhausted with mundane affairs, goa beaches are the balmy treats. These beaches boast an inspiring natural beauty and a range of exotic adventures to keep each and every tourist occupied. Additionally, there are a handful of beach-front resorts, classy restaurants and capacious shopping stalls, adding a touch of exoticism to these natural locations.

If you’re the one who wish to savor exciting water sports, beaches in goa should be your best bet. From rafting to snorkeling and swimming to parasailing, a full range of water adventures awaits here to taste your endurance. North Goan beaches like Anjuna, Baga and Calangute are some most popular places to enjoy such exciting excursions. In term of sunbathing, you can’t find a worth river for Goa beaches. Warm sand, swaying palms and an alluring festivity will keep your mesmerized while enjoying sunbathing at these beaches. Boat cruise is another delight for vacationers on Goa’s shore.

The North goa beach shows the other side of the state. They are scenic, tranquil and away from glam and glare. Hence, they are perfect for a relaxing holiday in lap of nature. Some good choices in this context are Candolim, Agonda and Arpora, which offer poetic beauty and soothing ambience. Nowadays, travel agents are offering various deals to allow vacationers having a stress-free time in Goa. Hotels are providing special discounted deals for those looking for long-term stay, like a week or more. Apart from that, complete Goa packages, which include airfare, accommodation, transfer and sightseeing, are also offered by some reputed companies.


Bangkok Packages: Explore the Captivating Capital of Thailand at Comforts

If you’re planning for a fun-filled escapade, Bangkok is an ultimate choice for you. This beautiful city is the capital of Thailand and serves as fantastic getaway for those in search of contemporary fascinations. This blog has been written to give you some basic info about this vibrant city and major tourism attractions it brews on your platter.

Bangkok is one such place where you’ll never find a dull moment. From sightseeing to shopping and nightlife to dining, everything here is a hale and hearty in nature. The Chao Phraya River passes by the town, adding to ever-sprouting historical essence. There are fabulous temples, locally called as ‘wats’, which are nothing less spellbinding. Artistry brilliance and a peerless religious fervor in these temples never fail to make mark on visitor’s mind. The Grand Palace, Wat Arun and Wat Mahatat in Bangkok are noted among the best historical attractions of Thailand.

If you’re there for shopping, the city wouldn’t disappoint you and, in fact, will leave you mesmerized with options and experience. This city is widely famous for shopping of electronic gadgets and antics pertaining to Buddhism. Food is always good and lick smacking in Bangkok, not matter whether you choose to munch in the classy restaurants or at a street-side stall. A variety of Thai dishes are best to taste during your bangkok tour.

Bangkok tourism is easily accessible from all major cities in the world. Direct flights are available from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata on daily basis. Alternatively, bangkok packages are also available on web, promising a stress-free Vacation in the City of Angels.


Himachal Tour: Know About the Major Attractions of This Himalayan State

Every year, thousands of backpackers pay visit to Himachal Pradesh: a small North Indian state located in cozy lap of Himalaya.  One of the most beautiful states in India is Himachal Pradesh, where every corner has a fairytale and each step is waiting with surprises. Interesting cultures and various places of religious importance also keep the visitors mesmerized. But for what Himachal tour is internationally renowned are its awe-inspiring hill stations, offering an amazing touch of nature with appealing cultural and culinary delights. Have a look on some popular attractions of himachal tour.

Shimla: This lovely quant hill station is undeniably the most popular attraction of Himachal tourism. Perched amidst lovely plantations and majestic Himalayan peaks, this small town is the administrative capital of the state. Shimla is a honeymoon lover’s heaven, due to its scrumptious weather and sheer natural beauty. Excellent amenities like hotels, restaurants and shopping arcades add a touch of modernism to this lovely hill town.

Kullu: Known as the ‘Valley of God’, Kullu is astonishingly beautiful surrounded by snow-clad hills and lush green pine forests. On the northern end of Kullu Valley is Manali, which is widely noted for its exquisite landscaped beauty and scrumptious weather. An exciting range of adventures including trekking, camping and skiing makes it a favorite haunt of adrenaline junkies.

Dharmshala: This place has been divided in two parts: at the lower slopes is a sheer beauty of nature along with interesting traditional settlement, while the upper region is home to the exquisite monasteries and famous residence of Dalai Lama.

Apart from that, Chamba Valley, Dalhauji, Kasaulli and Palampur are other major attractions of himachal tour packages. Nowadays, a range of himachal tourism packages are offered by travel agencies to ensure vacationers an easy and enjoyable tour to this lovely state.


How to Reach Manali: The Queen of Hill Station?

This blog has been penned down to provide you a piece of info about how to reach Manali; a fabulous hill station in Indian state of Himachal Pradesh and about some much preferred accommodation there.

Manali is undoubtedly a fantastic hilly getaway in North India. Snow-clad peaks, tranquil milieu, astounding flora and fauna, heart-throbbing adventures and lots 0f shopping and dining – Manali is where all your senses will be delighted. It is situated on the northern end of Kullu Valley and is easily accessible from all major towns of the nearby states. The nearest airport is at Bhuntar, about 50km from Manali, which has regular connectivity with Delhi and Mumbai airports. After that, you can hire a private taxi, which can be availed from right outside of the terminal, to reach to the main town. Buses also operate in regular interval for a safe and affordable journey. In case you’re in group and do have a lot of luggage, you better hiring a taxi.

Getting into Manali by rail is not so much popular among travelers. However, the nearest railway station (at Joginder Nagar) is just 95km from the town and is easily accessible by roads. This railway station is well connected with Chandigarh and other major towns in North India.

Manali can easily be approached by bus services from most of the cities in Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh. Daily overnight buses leave from Delhi ISBT to Manali, which is a very affordable and easy option to reach there. Alternatively, you can book a manali tour packages to have a pleasing and enjoyable journey to this destination. A variety of packages including manali honeymoon package and Manali adventure package are available online.


Vivid Destinations Choices for Holidays in India

When in India for a holiday, you have a variety of things to do and see. You can bask on Goa beaches, sail through the mystic backwaters of Kerala or can explore the historical gems of Agra & Delhi. Throbbing adventure sports in Himalayas, interesting cultures of Varanasi and Rishikesh and rich wildlife of Northeast forests also make mark on visitor’s mind. In short, the country has something exotic for everyone.

Whether you’re an Indian or a foreign tourist, planning your holiday in advance is imperative. And when it comes to planning a vacation, the foremost concern is to choose a right destination. Since the country boasts a diverse range of holidays, you may be confused on deciding where to go. This blog is penned down to provide you some good choices for a variety of holidays in India.

For Eco-Tourists or Nature-Lovers, the Following Places are Ideal Choices:
Leh Ladakh (unique topography and exotic adventures)
Sringar-Gulmarg (Scenic views of mountains and soothing climate)
Nainital, Mussoorie, Shimla, Manali, Darjeeling, Ooty and Munnar (hill stations)
Goa, Kovalam, Alleppey, Havelock Islands and Thiruvananthpuram (lovely beaches & beach-side recreations)
Ranthambhor National Park, Corbett National Park, Kaziranga National Park and Sunderbans (wildlife tour)

For Historical and Cultural Tours:
Delhi (Red Fort, Qutub Minar)
Agra (Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Shikri)
Jaipur (Hawa Mahal, Amber Fort, City Palace)
Jodhpur-Udaipur (Lakes, palaces & heritage Hotels)
Mahabalipuram-Minakshi-Rameshwaram (Temples)
Old Goa (Churches, forts)
Hyderabad (Charminar)

Religious Tours: Amarnath Cave (Amarnath Yatra in July-August)
Chardham Destinations: Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotari and Yamunotari
Haridwar (Maha kumbh Mela)
Tirupati Balaji
Veshno Devi Shrine
Jagganath Puri

Whether you choose to go for a romantic manali tour, fun-filled holiday at kashmir holiday package or adventurous leh ladakh tour, holiday packages are available for all these destinations.


Mystical Ladakh Promises a Travel Experience Like Never Before

Ladakh tourism welcomes you a land of mystical beauty of nature, exquisite set of cultures and warm hearty people. The mountains rising up dramatically on all sides, shimmering rivers creating soothing panorama and enchanting music to ear and the gorgeous glaciers wading through the barren land – Ladakh features topography unmatched to anywhere else. Interesting cultural heritages are nothing less spellbinding, while the spirituality in gompas and monasteries is inspiring enough to make mark on everyone’s mind. Literally, Ladakh is unique and guarantees an experience like never before!

Leh ladakh tour is like a dream comes true for nature-lovers. Almost every step you take has a unique vista of nature. At a jaw dropping altitude, you will find yourself surrounded by captivating mountains covered with a white layer of snow. The silence amidst barren landscapes will be disturbed only by the enchanting sounds of birds. The flora and fauna inhabiting the region is completely unique and heart-winning indeed! Trekking in the magnificent Zanskar valley or biking on Khardung La (the world’s highest motorable road) will be the experience that can send the shivers down your spine.  You may be surprised to know that Ladakh doesn’t receive any water from rain. The melting snow turns into small rivers and streams water which is used for irrigation and drinking.

Due to heavy snowfall, the ladakh tourism remains off during winter months. So you have just 4-5 months of summer when you can explore this magical territory of Kashmir. Leh is main city and entry point for the tourists coming through air route. Booking a leh ladakh tour package is recommended in case you’re planning your trip first time.


Srinagar and the Tourists Attractions Nearby

It wouldn’t be wrong if you call Srinagar a city of romance and beauty. The summer capital of Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar is a major tourist attraction and a famous hill station in North India. The beautiful town is believed to be founded around 150AD by the king Pravarasan II. Signifying to it name, which literally means a city of prosperity, Srinagar is a town of opulent culture, rich natural bounties and warm and wealthy people. Gorgeous Himalayan panorama and salubrious weather round the year make it ultimate choice among leisure travellers. There are plenty of things to do and see when you’re in Srinagar. Among the major attractions are the beautiful lakes like Dal, Nagin and Anchar, scintillating Mughal Gardens and the rich cultural heritages like the Jama Maszid. Sailing in the Dal Lake through a traditional houseboat is something that gives the holidaymakers an unforgettable feel.

Apart from the main Srinagar attractions, there are many beautiful towns located in close proximity. Sonamarg and Gulmarg are tow widely famous hill stations and are a stone throw away from Srinagar. Both these places boast exotic beauty of nature, plus a range of heart-throbbing adventures to indulge with. Trekking in Sonamarg can give the travellers a requisite adrenaline rush. Gulmarg, during winters, is a popular skiing destination in India.

Pahalgam is another beautiful locale in Kashmir province, not too far away from Srinagar. This place scores due to its pristine beauty of nature and lovely climate year-round. It is a famous hill station and an ideal choice for serenity-seekers. When Planning for Srinagar tour and an excursion of nearby attractions, you better come with a kashmir tour package. Nowadays, kashmir packages are available online.


Goa Holiday: A Fun-lover’s Heaven!

Goa, a small Indian state on country’s western shore, has all that a modern tourist may wish for. From scintillating beaches to gorgeous historical attractions, lively nightlife to excellent shopping & food, it has a complete range of holiday attractions and leaves the visitors hypnotic at the end. When you’re in Goa, you’ll find the fun & entertainment here too tempting to resist. There is a wide range of restaurants offering excellent dining, the gleaming discotheques for nightlife fun and innumerable hotels offering flawless hospitality. Apart from that, the beaches in goa can also be tagged as a fun-lover’s paradise.

Given below are top must-go places and goa beaches for fun-lovers

9Bar: On a cliff overlooking the stunning Vagator beach locates this famous Goan club ‘9 Bar’, known for its fantastic variety of drink, dance and dine after the day turns dark. The action starts at 6PM and turns fantastically joyful at around 10PM. The music set to the techno beat make the crowd being on its feet. Great quality of cocktails available and the bartender's antics just add more zing to the fun.

The Aqua Bar: The Aqua Bar, situated at the Cavelossim beach in Mobor, is an extremely popular spot for doing party and enjoying night scenes. Come here at weekend, and you’ll have a whale of time with enthusiasts Goa youths. Grooving trans music, good quality of cocktails and great dining will make your head spping in delights at the disco club. You will get to an array of Goan cuisines to satiate your taste buds completely.

Cafe Mombo: It is situated very close to both Calangute and Baga beach, and is gaining immense popularity as a great party place and dining avenue in Goa. The place boasts a great atmosphere – creative decoration, great music and an innovative menu of cocktail and dishes. Different genres of music are scheduled on different weekday.

Apart from that, Ingo’s Night Market, the La Plage, Ozon and Rio Rico Bar are some other fascinating places you can go during your holiday in goa.


Five Must-Visit Hill Stations in India

India is brimming with a number of hill stations which offer great holiday opportunities for vacationers.  No matter what you’re seeking for, these places will certainly give you a whale of time. Given below are some must-visit hill stations in India.

Gangtok: The capital of Northeast India state of Sikkim, this station which is now giving stiff competition to the major hill getaways like Manali and Darjeeling. This place is famous for quietness and beautiful monasteries. A unique variety of flora and fauna make it favored among nature-lovers. Additionally, Gangtok tourism is gaining popularity for its undiscovered trekking sites too.

Ooty: Situated in between lush green Nilgiri hills, Ooty is a small scenic hill station in the southern part of India. The matchless serenity and the poetic hills give it an iconic status of being the India’s very own Scotland. The sparkling lakes, beautiful botanical gardens and heart-throbbing adventure will give you a great holiday experience. Ooty is also famed for the rhododendrons and its various trekking tracks.

Srinagar: Another must visit place in North India, Srinagar is the major attraction of Kashmir tour. It is entirely packages of Himalayan bounties including lakes, gardens and lovely plantations and orchards. Not too far away from Srinagar are Sonamarg and Gulmarg: the beautiful places and popular adventure destinations of Kashmir province. It has become customary for Kashmir tour packages to include Srinagar in the tour itinerary.

Apart from that, Munnar in Kerala, Manali in Himachal and Mussoorie in Utterakhand are other famous hill station in India. Whether you choose to take a trip to somewhere hill station or a vacation at Goa beaches, tour packages are available online.

 Book Bangkok Package to Explore the Magical Thai Capital on Ease

Take Bangkok tour, and you’ll be hypnotized by the city’s beautiful temples, gleaming cosmopolitan delights and magnificent historical monuments. It comes as a super pleasing surprise for everyone. You can discover the amazing Ayuthaya ruins taking a river cruise to this former Thai capital. Shopping at floating markets will be a remarkable retreat enjoying never-seen selling and bargaining skills. Check into a nightclub or book ticket for a lady boy show in the city and make your night astonishingly jubilant. Experiences of shopping and dining in lively Bangkok markets or trailing through its beautiful gardens also keep the visitors mesmerized on Bangkok tour.

Booking a bangkok tour package is probably the best option to plan your holiday in this sparkling metro city. Bangkok is notorious for its crowded markets and traffic jams, which leave the visitors miffed at some points of time. Local tuk-tuk drivers and taxi-riders charge quite highly, especially to the one who is not from Thailand. Booking of flights, accommodation and other travel facilities separately can be a tricky task and will surely be expensive in comparison of being a complete tour package. Once you book a bangkok tour package, you’re free from all hassles and can rest knowing that all your arrangements will be made by the travel agent.

Now with online booking facility, getting your suitable deal is not a hassle. All that you need to do is determining your requirements and budget before searching it online. Many reputed travel portals display bangkok packages online with complete detail of package and price. However, you can get your package customized as per your own needs and set budget. Advance booking can make you get a deal at lucrative discounts.


Andaman Tour: Add Enchanting Memories to Your Memorabilia

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an archipelago, made of small islands and islets, which is situated in the eastern part of Bay of Bengal. Blessed with unmatched natural beauty and splendour, this place is one of the most captivating tourist places in India. The beautiful islands of Andaman are quite scenic and offer a secluded retreat. No matter one comes here for a honeymoon, family vacation or an adventure tour, the island is sure to leave him enthralled. There are loads of enchanting things to do and see for every visitor. The beautiful beaches, mesmeric coral reefs, unique wildlife and peerless serenity and solace make it a heaven for nature-lovers. For those of you seeking enthralments, the island offers great opportunities for scuba diving, snorkelling or even experimenting with fishing. Exploring rich wildlife in lush green jungles and island camping are other delightful excursion to enjoy during Andaman tour.

There are a number of tourist attractions to explore on this island. From beach side fun to rich historical essence and intesrting tribe cultures to amazing coral reefs – Andaman has all that is needed to give you a holiday experience of a lifetime. Among the most noted tourist attraction here are: Viper Island, Barren Island, Port Blair, Havelock Island, Rangat Island and Neil Island.

When it comes to explore Andaman on ease, the best option available is to book among the andaman packages online. Several travel agencies arrange andaman tour along with all needed facilities. They can arrange flights, accommodation, transfers and meals during your trip, and can ensure you a comfortable journey to this natural heaven.


3 Things You can’t Afford to Miss during Bangkok

Banagkok was founded by King Rama I in around 1570 as the capital of his kingdom due to its geographical location on Chao Phraya River. The city grew gradually, at its own pace, and now it is one of the most thriving cities around the world. People from far corners of the globe flock to Bangkok and get enchanted after seeing its thriving amalgamation of history and modernization. When you’re on bangkok tour, there are so many things you can find hard to surpass over. Given below are the three among them.

A Visit to Grand Palace and Wat Arun
These two iconic structures of not just Bangkok but also of Thailand are visited by almost every tourist on bangkok tourism. The Grand Palace is acluster of royal buildings which are eye-catching in look, feel and impression. Artistry brilliance is perhaps unmatchable with anything else. A grand collection of amazing artifacts and sculptures is sure to leave you mesmerized. The Wat Arun, on other hand, is an epitome of rich Buddhism cultures and awe-inspiring religious. Inside the temple is a grand Buddha statues and soul-southing peace and serenity.

Cruising in Chao Phraya River
After the day turns dark, the sky-line above Chao Phraya River looks gorgeously beautiful. And if it is seen while enjoying a cruise dinner with your favourite music in background, it is sure to leave you mesmerized. This is what a couple on Bangkok tour must do before catching their return flight.

Taste Magnetic Nightlife
It is rightly said that Bangkok comes to live in night. Go to the city’s bars, clubs or discotheques, you’ll get to explore the sound and light which has no upper limit. The go-go bars in Bangkok are internationally famous. The lady boy shows and various live music shows will make your hair behind the neck stand up in thrill. All bangkok packages have nightlife excursion in the city as inclusion.


Popular Pick Ups for Summer Holiday in India

Summer is approaching the doorstep. Very soon, you’ll witness a rapid change in climate all over the country. In place of heavy blankets, you will in need of AC and fan to cool you down. The parents are now encouraging their kids to do their best in exams. But very soon they will be busy plotting holidays to get over that excessive stress. Yes, season for summer holiday is in vicinity, and you better be ready in advance. Start searching on net, to the best holiday package for your favorite summer vacation destination.

In North India, there is no dearth of such places where summer holiday comes as a memorable experience. The gorgeous Himalayan hill stations, lush green landscapes of Northeast and exquisite topography of Ladakh are most preferred holiday destinations in summer. The cities in North and Central Plain remain quite hot and humid during this time of year. That’s why most of people plan a hill-side getaway either in Utterakhand or Himachal or Kashmir.

In Utterakhand, Nainital and Mussoorie are popular destination for a quant and peaceful getaway. Rishikesh, on the other hand, is known for the heart-throbbing adventure sports. River rafting here, during summer months, allure adventure-loving tourists from far and wide. Kashmir tour packages remain popular among nature-lovers and honeymooners. Srinagar, Gulmarg and Pahalgam are the places in Kashmir, where a large number of tourists flock in search of serenity and solace. Leh Ladakh is the hot favorite of adrenaline junkies. At a jaw-dropping altitude, this place features many heart-throbbing experiences like rafting, trekking and mountain biking.

Similarly, hill stations of Himachal like Shimla, Kufri, Manali and Dharamshala make ideal choice for a summer holiday. Packages for Andaman tour, Gangtok tour and Darjeeling tour are become excessively popular in this season.


Summer Vacation in India: Be Ready to Tryst with Marvellous Nature

Summer vacations are on cards. Many smart travelers have already begun to plan their trip. If you too are looking go somewhere this season, you better give you plan a serious thought now. Tourist companies are offering special packages for summer vacation. So spare some time for online research and choose a holiday deal to suit your profile.

In India, there are countless of destinations worth visiting during summer. To begin with, there is Kashmir, captivating beauty and cool climate of that temps backpackers from far and wide. Situated in cozy lap of Himalaya, this region boasts many attractive destinations including Sringar, Gulmar, Pahalgam and Leh Ladakh which are simply hypnotic. They remain cool even during scorching summer. Leh Ladakh is a well renowned destination for adrenaline junkies. Trekking, white water rafting, jungle safari and ice camping are some heart-throbbing experience. Kashmir tour packages are what recommended by most of travel guide book for summer vacation.

Next, Himachal Pradesh is a place where all your five sense will be delighted. From natural beauty to cultural delights and pulsating adventures to rich cultural heritages – this north Indian state has something exotic for everyone. Shimla, Kufri, Dalhausie, Manali and Dharamshala are some much preferred destinations in the state.

When natural beauty is talked about, who can forget the name like Kerala, Ooty, Darjeeling and Utterakhand. All these destinations are marvellously beautiful and ensure the tourists a pleasurable holiday in lap of nature. Tourism facilities are mushrooming rapidly in India, making it easy and comfortable to plan a holiday. Whether you wish to go on Kashmir tour, an Andaman trip or a holiday at Goa beaches, all needed facilities can be booked on net!


Pattaya: Unlimited Frolicking With Natural Delights

If you call yourself fun-lover, then Pattaya is where you must be served the best in your platter. The city, with its lively beaches and happening nightlife, is an ultimate paradise for fun-loving tourists. It allures a large number of backpackers on Thailand tour. And the best is that it never fails to keep up with its reputation of being the Asia’s most vibrant city.

Although tourism in Pattaya resolves around its vibrant nightlife, there is a lot in Pattaya beyond that glam and glare. The city has fascinating beaches which no less a heaven for adventure seekers. From swimming to snorkelling and scuba diving to surfing – a range of water adventures at Pattaya beaches keep adrenaline junkies pouring in here in hordes. For those seeking serenity and solace, the Koh Larn Pattaya is a place to be. Beautiful beaches and panoramic landscapes give the visitors a healing natural retreat. Apart from that, the city has a number of temples worth visiting. The Sanctuary of Truth, for instance, is a marvellous structure built entirely of woods. Religious importance of this temple is also quite hard to surpass over. The Pattaya Floating market, Art in Paradise and the Pattaya Park are other points of tourist interest in the city.

The city has no dearth of lodging facilities, and caters accommodation needs of each and every traveller. From pricy hotels & resorts to economical guest houses, there is handsome range of accommodations to choose from. Not too far away from Bangkok, Pattaya is quite easy to getting into. Direct trains are available from Bangkok on daily basis. Alternately, many of Bangkok packages come with trip to Pattaya in inclusions. You can easily plan your trip to this lively city along with a Bangkok tour.


Bangkok Tour: A Modern Reveler’s Paradise

The Capital of Thailand, Bangkok can easily be tagged as one of the most exotic cities around the globe. With its intriguing mix of history, culture and modern delights, the city comes as a super pleasing surprise for almost everyone taking Bangkok tour. When you visit the city, the most enthralling things you will get to explore is the city’s nightlife. Bangkok takes the cherry when it comes to the exotic night clubs and glamorous bars. If you’re into music and dance, it will spoil you with nightlife options where light & sound has no upper limit.

The Route 66, for instance, is a great place to hangout. From rocking music to detectable cuisine to fantastic cocktails, this famous night club boasts everything that can send you into phantasmagoria. The Glow is another great choice where you can enjoy a splendid night out with your friends. The atmosphere here is too tempting to resist you from being into dance, drink and dine. Apart from that, Soi Cowboy, the Q Bar and various lady boy shows in Bangkok tourism offer enthralling exposure at night.

Bangkok is a foodie’s delight undoubtedly. The city is teaming with a range of restaurants serving a variety of dishes in your plate. Even the street-side stalls in the city offer a good quality food, which is lick-smacking for sure! Some popular places to have a pleasing dining experience in Bangkok are Vertigo, Bo-Lan, Sala Rim Naam and the Blue Elephant.

Similarly, Shopping in Bangkok is an experience to thrill and joy. The city has a brilliant choice of shopping arcades, which can make you shop till you drop. Among the popular destinations for shopping are the legendry MBK, CenterWorld, Amarin Plaza, Siam Discovery and the Platinum Fashion Mall.  Online booking facility for Bangkok packages can make you a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.


Havelock Island: A Sparkling Feather in Andaman’s Crown

 What Havelock Island is known for are its scintillating beaches, laid back vibe and great scuba diving. It is one of the most visited islands at Andaman, thronged by thousands of backpackers year-round. This gorgeous island offers a handsome range of adventure sports, with scuba diving and snorkeling being the most delightful ones. Additionally, the tourists can explore enchanting marine life on glass-bottomed boats, interesting wildlife through jungle trek or splendid water sports on its beaches. For those who are in search of serenity and solace, the beaches at Havelock are unforgettable treat. Several luxury resorts, hotels and restaurants are mushrooming here to add a touch of exoticism Andaman packages.

 About Havelock Island
Named after a British General ‘Henry Havelock’, Havelock Island is the largest and the most habited island at Andaman. It is situated about 57km North East of Port Blair and is accessed by ferries from Rangat via Neil Island. A cluster of lovely beaches, small islands and lush green forests, Havelock is the major attraction of Andaman tour.

 Places to Visit
The beautiful Radha Nagar beach is the must-visit attraction on Hevelock. Other than that, the Elephant Beach, Kalapathar beach and the Lighthouse are other must-see attractions.
Trekking, scuba diving and snorkeling are exciting things to give your adrenaline a rush.

There are plenty of restaurants offering a gamut of dishes on your platter. Some popular names among the dining avenues are:

• Full Moon Cafe
• Clownfish Restaurant
• Fat Martin Cafe
• Accommodations

The island boasts an excellent array of lodging facilities to choose from. Some much preferred names are Barefoot, Island Vinnie’s, Cross Bill Beach resort, the Kingdom and Emerald Gecko.


Check Out the India’s Popular Eco-Tourism Destinations

Ecotourism is a new, yet alluring component of tourism in India. Exploring the captivating facets of nature is something that gives the modern travelers an enthralling experience. India, with a great geographical diversity, features countless of destinations where nature can be enjoyed at its best. From lofty hills of Himalaya to captivating Kerala backwaters and sparkling desert dunes of Rajasthan to astonishing beaches of Goa and Andaman – the country has a plenty of choices for eco-tourists to calm down their fancy. However, a few places in the country are extremely tempting and offer much beyond what can imagine of. Have a look at India’s popular eco-tourism destinations.

Ladakh: Known as the roof of the world, Ladakh is far-famed for its unique topography and exquisite weather. It is beautifully located amidst magnificent Himalayan hills, and boasts a wealth nature including snowy Himalayan, shimmering streams and rivers, rugged terrains and lush green Himalayan plantations. The Zanskar Valley and the lush green Karakoram mountains offer ample opportunities for adventure-lovers. You can book a Kashmir tour package to enjoy Ladakh tourism at ease and comforts.

Kerala:  This southernmost Indian state is fondly called as the God’s Own Country. And literally, everything it is made of is captivating and looks like a pieces of oasis. The magnetizing backwaters are simply a treat for eyes and senses. Tranquil hill stations, untainted forests and rich wildlife legacy give the state an iconic status. A number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks have been established for wildlife enthusiasts and eco-tourists.

Andaman: Globally renowned for its amazing coral reefs, rich wildlife and unstained natural beauty, Andaman comes as a pleasing surprise for nature-lovers. An Andaman tour gives the visitors an opportunity to wander around lovely beaches, enjoy backwater cruise, mountain trekking and forest safari.


Port Blair: The Andaman’s Sparkling Jewel!

A century ago, this city was a dreadful name ‘Kala Pani’ for Indians. A couple of decades ago, it was sequestrated and was far away from glare and limelight. In 2004, the city was badly hit by Indian Ocean earthquake. But today, it is a well-known tourist destination and favourite haunt of eco-tourists from far and wide. Port Blair, the capital and the largest city of Andaman, bears a testimony of motility and furtherance. The entry point for visitors to Andaman packages, Port Blair is beautiful city of India’s most isolated island ‘Andaman and Nicobar’.

The main USP of Port Blair is the presence of verdant natural beauty; however rich history and cultures in Port Blair also leave the visitors enchanted. The Cellular Jail is the famous tourist attraction, a must visit for history admirers. Apart from that, palm-fringed beaches, beautiful gardens and amusement parks and superb museums make it a traveller’s delight. Some captivating tourist destinations in/around Port Blair include Cellular Jail, Corbyn's Cove, Samudrika Marine Museum, Cinque Island, Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Anthropological Museum.

Although planning tour to this fascinating city or a complete Andaman tour is possible year-round, the best time to go there is between December and March. The city, being the administrative capital of Andaman Island, is well connected to all major cities in India. Direct flights to Port Blair are available from New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. One can approach the city through water ways. Ships operated by the Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) depart from port cities of Kolkata and Chennai and reach Port Blair in around 60 hours. The journey is time-consuming, though the pleasures it offers make it spending that much efforts and time.


How to Make the Most of Your Holiday: Fun Things to Do While Holidaying

When you are spending money for flights and hotel bookings, then you have every right to get entertainment and fun. It wouldn’t be right if you are not satisfied with your holiday, since its basic purpose is to give you respite from your monotonous life and to make you feel happy. So, here are some fun things you can do to make the most of your sabbatical:

Adventure Sports: Now-a-days, it is becoming a norm to take part in adventure activities. These sports come in different forms and magnitude. While stuff like kayaking or rafting or bungee jumping is only for the young daredevils, there are other less challenging sports which can be enjoyed by the entire family. For instance, Ooty is a great place for enjoying trekking. It has vast open places and great conditions for walking and just sauntering. Its open estates of plantations will really win your heart. A trip to Goa beaches can also give you a chance to indulge with various adventure sports.

Visiting Different Kinds of Attractions: Every place has special kinds of attractions of various genres. It will be advisable to include them sensibly in your schedule. For instance, at Shimla, you can check out viewpoints, churches, museums, heritage sites, markets, theatres and even do sporting activities before you get back to the comforts of your hotels.

Going to Religious and Historic Sites: It can be fulfilling to visit old temples and various historic sites.  Gujarat is one state which provides you with a good range of temples and ashramas including Gandhi’s ashram. It would be a great idea to visit this state. A journey at India’s most famous tour circuit ‘The Golden Triangle’ is simply delightful when it comes to exploring historical treasures.

For religious ecstasy, Kashmir tour package is best choice.


Bangkok Attractions to Visit for a Budget-Conscious Holiday

Bangkok, the capital and largest urban center of Thailand, is a popular holiday destination thronged by thousands of visitors annually. The city attracts holiday-makers of all profiles, from honeymooners to fun-lovers and fun-family vacationers to solo revelers. Bangkok has a reputation of being expensive; though one can enjoy Bangkok tour on budget if he plans his tour properly and well in advance. You can choose to stay in a budget-friendly lodge in the city and fly with economy class. Additionally, visit to the free Bangkok attractions can save you the entry charges which may of Bangkok attractions which ask for high fee from foreigners.

Following are some Bangkok attractions, which can be enjoyed free of cost.

Temples: Many of Bangkok temples, which are major tourist attractions of the city, don’t charge anything for entry.  Visitors, both domestic as well as international, can visit them free of cost. Among the must-visit temples in this category are Wat Mangkorn Kamalawat, Wat Indraviharn and Wat Patum Wanaran. They are beautifully built and boast architectural brilliance that becharm each and every traveler. A number of relics of Buddhism cultures and gleaming statues and sculptures are worth exploring in these temples.

Lumphini Park: This Park is worth visiting, despite of the fact is free of cost. This lush expanse of greenery, arousing fountains & flowery woodlets and serene landscapes are sure to delight your eyes and senses. If you visit here with family, this park is certainly a place to be.

Bangkok Markets: They are full of vibrancy and vigor and make everyone to shop till he drops. A variety of delicious cuisines will satiate your taste buds. The traditional Bangkok markets including Thewet Market and Khlong Toey Market have become quit a tourist attraction.

Apart from that, visit to the city’s art galleries and museums make you enjoy your trip in cost-effective manner. Nowadays, cheap Bangkok packages are available online.


Some Popular Adventure Sports to Enjoy in Himachal

Himachal is one of the few states in India, where best of adventure sports can be enjoyed. Get your gears ready and enter into a world where every step is enthralling. Lofty mountains, shimmering rivers and deep endless valleys make this place offering heart-throbbing adventures of various kinds. Have a look what this state has to offer fro adrenaline junkies

Trekking: Situated amidst lofty Himalayan peaks, Himachal Pradesh offers wonderful opportunities for trekking and mountaineering. Most of the hill stations including Manali, Shimla, Dalhousie and Chamba Valley boast trekking trails ideal to enjoy this sport. Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges the major trekking areas, which are scaled by a number of trekkers, both novice and experienced ones, year-round. The best time for trekking here is the summer months, from March to July.

River Rafting: A vast network of streams and rivers in the state ensure wonderful opportunity for this changing water sport in Himachal. Among the most popular destinations to enjoy water rafting are the River Chandrabhaga in Lahaul, the Satluj near Shimla, Beas near Kullu and Ravi near Chamba. Manali is the perfect place for beginners where special courses are conducted for rafters. You can easily hire the needed equipment and guide through a reliable travel agency. The best to enjoy rafting is between April to September.

Para-Gliding: Soar in the sky like a bird while exploring the gorgeous valleys and mountains – para-gliding in Himachal is really an exhilarating experience. Manali is the best place to enjoy this adventure sports. An expert guide will assist you enjoy it safely. Special packages are offered by travel companies all over the country.

Apart from that, one can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and several other snow sports in Himachal Pradesh. Holiday packages for all major destinations like Manali tour packages and Shimla packages are offered by travel portals online.


Kashmir Tour: 3 Must-Visit Places of the Valley of God

Kashmir is an ultimate place of nature and adventure. This northernmost region of Indian subcontinent has no dearth of natural fascinations. With beautiful mountains, eye-catching streams and glaciers and rich cultural heritages, this place is sure to fascinate each and every traveler. Although each of its nook and cranny is marvelous, following are 3 must-visit destinations for tourists on Kashmir tour.

Srinagar: This place is simply a heaven for travelers. Its vast stretches of plantations, calm and scenic lakes and postcard perfect gardens give every soul a refreshing experience. Shikara ride in Dal Lake is widely popular as a tourist attraction in Srinagar.  Apart from that the city boasts excellent restaurants, lavish malls and top-class accommodation to give you a pinch of modernism.

Pahalgam: This lovely hill station makes ideal escape from hustle and bustle of city life.  One must bow down before the grandeurs of nature this place has to offer. Never-ending greenery all around, picturesque streams and waterfalls and snowy mountains in backdrop, this place is truly a spectacle. The lovely weather makes it perfect for honeymoon couples. A wide range of adventures like trekking and whitewater rafting can give your adrenaline a rush.

Gulmarg: You will remember this place for its flowery meadows and captivating snowy landscapes. During winters, this place turns into an ultimate site for winter sports. Gulmarg is famous for its long Gondola ride, which offers the riders breathtaking views of mountains and valleys. Gulmarg, due to its excellent slopes for skiing, allures skiers from across the globe.

For best planning your Kashmir tour packages, you better book one of the Kashmir packages available online. 


Manali Tour: Top Places to Visit for Honeymooners

Pure, pristine and picturesque – this is how Manali is described. Beautifully perched in mighty Himalayas, Manali has been a favorite honeymoon destination in North India. Snow-clad mountains, scenic orchards & plantations, lovely weather and great opportunity to indulge with various adventure sports keep revelers from far and wide pouring in to Manali. For honeymoon couples, a Manali tour offers lots of enchantments. A Few must-visit places with Manali honeymoon package are:

Visit to Rohtang Pass: You can enjoy snowy scenery even in hottest summer months. This scenic pass, at a jaw-dropping altitude of 4111 meter, is a must-visit site for every honeymoon couple on Manali tour. The striking beauty of nature, excellent weather year-round and a range of adventure are sure to give you a gala time.

The Great Himalayan National Park: This place is equally popular among nature-lover, adventure-freaks and romantic couples. Since the park is packed of rich flora & fauna, you would have great opportunities to roll camera with your partner. You get see various species of animals and bird, which will give you a close feel of nature. Excellent arrangements for dining and leisure have been made inside the park

The Raghunath Temple: spare a day from your fun-filled trip and experience rich spiritual ecstasy in the famous Raghunath Temple in Manali. The ancient temple, along with its pristine surroundings, boasts an excellent architecture is a curious blend of Pyramidal and Pahari style.

Solang Valley (Snow Point): This place is about 13km from Manali and is really a good place to visit where couples can spot now clad mountains and glaciers. This place is also known for its lovely weather and various adventurous sports both in summer and winter.


 Andaman Tour: Satiate Your Travel Fancy to the Core

The natural beauty at this place is beyond any visual description, history is too rich to transport you in astounding colonial era and cultures are compelling enough to win your heart. Andaman Island, located in Bay of Bengal, is truly a heaven for travellers. This is a cluster of beautiful islands packed of lush green forests, amazing coral reefs and lovely secluded beaches. An Andaman tour is a perfect option for those seeking for a pleasurable tropical escape.

When you’re on Andaman tour, you can see some of the most brilliant facets of nature. The marvellous sandy beaches are hypnotically beautiful and, at the same time, boast splendid watery funs. The Radhanagar beach and Havelock Island are among the most fascinating natural sites in Asia. Port Balir, which is the capital city, is another marvellous jewel of Andaman. Historical sites like the Cellular, Anthropological Museum and the Naval Marine Museum are places of great tourist interest. Apart from that, a cruise ride along the Port Blair Harbor is also quite enchanting experience for travellers, especially honeymoon couples.

Andaman tour comes as an ultimate opportunity for adventure-freak. The beaches here offer all possible aqua sports, from scuba diving to snorkelling and wind surfing to swimming, and are major attractions for adrenaline junkies. However, forest trailing, island camping and backwater cruise are some other pulsating adventures that an Andaman tour has to offer you. Trekking through the lush green forests and exploring rich wildlife of the island is truly mesmeric.

So no matter whether you’re a nature lover or an adventure seeker, Andaman packages are sure to satiate your travel fancy to the core. It is advisable to book your package through a reliable source, however!


Goa Holiday - A Big Astonishment Enveloped in Small Packet!

“Big surprises come in small boxes” – this quotation fits Goa perfectly. A small territory perched between might Arabian Sea and lush Western Ghats, Goa is a complete enthrallment for vacationers. It boasts awesome beauty of nature, which juxtaposing with man-mad wonders in the state. Goa beaches are magically beautiful offering a complete mix of sea, sand and sun. They are fringed by tall palm trees and surrounded by rocky terrains and tranquil hamlets. A soul-soothing serenity and more-than-perfect weather make them ultimate destination for peace-lovers and honeymooners.

If you’re an adventure-freak, Goa wouldn’t disappoint you. From scuba diving to snorkelling and fishing to jungle safari – Goa has it all in its cusp to give your adrenaline a rush. Beaches in the state remain bustling with adrenaline junkies who can be seen enjoying various water adventures. For those inclined towards shopping and dining, there is no dearth of options for any lifestyle and budget. Traditional flea markets offer everything you may need of on sale. An excellent range of restaurants and innumerable street-hawkers offer a variety of dishes, both regional and intercontinental, to match every taste. Anjuna, Calangute and Baga beaches are among the much preferred dining destinations in beaches in Goa.

If you think that Goa is all about its beaches and associated delights, make a move to the cenetral part of the state. The Old Goa and Panaji are some ancient cities of the state, brimming with astonishing historical gems. A number of churches like the Basilica of Bom Jesus, majestic forts like the Auguda Fort and several beautiful temples give visitors a real authentic taste. Since many travel companies provide everything that is for pleasurable holiday in Goa, you can rest assured of having a stress-free travel experience dealing with a reputable one among them.


Some Important Factors to be Considered When Planning for a Vacation

 Logically, planning a vacation seems quite easy nowadays! All you need to do is to book your holiday package online and head on to the destination on that particular date. But practically, it is not as easy as it seems to be. There are several factors which we need to consider for planning a holiday that is pleasurable and something that we’ve been dreaming about. Only then, we can have a true holiday experience!

 Before contriving a vacation, it is important to determine our requirements and budget. What is our vacation style, how many people are in our company and what sorts of facilities we are looking for – these are a few of question that we need to ask ourselves! Make a list of holiday destinations which suit our vacation style. For instance, Manali tour is ideal for honeymoon, while a trip to Goa is perfect for a fun-filled holiday. Similarly, Kerala or Andaman tour is idyllic for those looking to explore nature and cultures. Fix the date for travelling considering you time schedule.

 Once you have decided your requirements, think of your budget. However, budget is something that we should determine foremost. Be clear with how much amount you’re ready to spend. Don’t be rigid, and be ready to stretch your budget a bit you find something really good in that range.

 Now spare sometime on net, and search for the best deals for holiday packages. Most often, booking a complete package is affordable and hassle-free than booking the travel facilities separately. Check out some reliable travel portals to find your suitable deal. It is always advisable to collect as much as possible info about the destination prior to approaching that.

Travelling Was Never So Easy and Delightful, Literally!

 If you’re feeling exhausted in mundane life, then it is time you should pack your travel kit. But where to Go? Well, not to worry at all! Say thanks to travel agencies and travel guide books who have made it possible to plan a holiday easily, notwithstanding of where you want to go. Today, travelling has become quite an easy affair. All kinds of information are available, which help travellers plotting their vacation properly. No matter whether you choose to go on a holiday in Goa or at Andaman tour, chances are that you’ll find everything that you need to make your holiday memorable.

Once upon a time when travelling was not so easy. Tourists had to go to one agency to other for availing their travel facilities. There were no sources to gain information about the travel destinations. Advance booking of accommodation was not possible, which often caused a lot of stress on tourist’s mind. But today, the scenario has changed completely. It needs a few clicks to reserve anything that you need for a vacation. From flights to hotel rooms and transfers to dining, all travel facilities can be booked easily on web. Even complete holiday packages are offered to ensure the travellers a comfy and hassle-free holiday experience.

As travel industry in India is becoming more and more fecund, many travel agencies around the country have started offering travel facilities online. Direct flights are available to all major destinations in the country. Hotels, resorts, restaurants and other travel facilities are mushrooming at these tourist places very fast. Complete travel guide portals are available which can guide you about everything a place has to offer you. Searching through web, you can know about even a small town on the world map. You can properly plan your holiday, be it Goa trip or an Andaman packages, and can have a great experience with the help of this modern facility of online booking.


Accommodations at Andaman Tour: Get Your Customized Stay Online!

Andaman is a cluster of beautiful small islands located in Bay of Bengal. This place is widely known for its thriving eco-tourism and rich cultural bounties. Pleasing weather, mouth-watering cuisines and a full range of adventure sports make it a perfect destination for holiday. Since the island is gaining more and more popularity as a tourist destination, various facilities of modern comforts are mushrooming here swiftly.

For accommodation, Andaman has a handful of options in all available categories. Port Blair, the capital city and entry point of Andaman, is serves the visitors with a full range of hotels, ranging from luxurious resorts to economical bed and breakfasts. Economical rooms are designed for those who’re on Andaman tour with limited budget. They offer basic facilities like spacious rooms with attached bathroom, cable TV, telephone and 24 hours room service. Tariff starts from INR 1000 onwards, depending upon the facilities and location you want. Mid-range hotels are available at the rates of around INR 2000. They are tourist-friendly, equipped with various modern amenities and pleasing hospitality. Most of 3-star and even some quality 2-star hotels come in this category.

For those who are not bothered by budget and want ultimate luxury during Andaman tour, there is no dearth of top-class hotels. Many of them are rated as 4-star and offer excellent assortment of luxurious amenities. Scenic beauty, calm atmosphere and recreational activities are added delights these hotels have to offer.

Alternatively, one can book an Andaman tour package that comes with accommodation, transfers and all other travel necessities. You can choose among the luxury packages or the budget packages, based on your budget. Booking of the Andaman packages is not a hassle, as they are easily available through web nowadays!


Kashmir Tour: A Pleasing Surprise for Everyone!

Kashmir is one such destination where every traveler wishes to go, at least once! And this is not without a reason. In fact they are more than what you can expect. The obvious one that you all may know is its natural treasures, available verdantly. This part of North Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir lies in lap of mighty Himalaya, which bestows it with rich biodiversity and a number of places of religious importance.

It is so long now Kashmir is recognized for its marvelous natural beauty. However, this region has been limelight for several other reasons too. Political disturbance has been an inevitable part of this beautiful territory, from the time when India got independence and divided into two parts: India and Pakistan. The glare of terrorism and regional riots touches the state even today, and gives its can-be-healthy tourism a backward push. But beauty and charm of Kashmir is so magnetic that these obstacles become ineffective and an increasing number of travelers take Kashmir tour annually.

There are several places in Kashmir, where beauty is beyond any visual description. To begin with, fascinating lakes & gardens of Srinagar are peerless, and leave a long-lasting impression of every visitor. Then there are flowery valleys of Gulmarg, snow capped peaks of Sonamarg and eye-soothing scenery and amazing cultural potpourri of Pahalgam, which never fails to amaze tourists. The entire Kashmir features lovely weather, making it a favorite honeymoon destination in India year-round.  

During summers, demand for Kashmir tour packages spruce up, as pilgrimage to Amarnath cave begins. Thousands of devotees flock to this beautiful state in search of serenity and solace. With a reliable travel company, you can plan Kashmir tour quite easily! 


Panaji: The Goa’s Historical Jewel!

 Undeniably, vibrant Goa beaches, with an exquisite mix of sea, sand and surf, remain the major tourist attractions in the state. But for the travelers, who have interest in history and cultures even marginally, Panaji is the most thriving destination in state. The capital of India, Panaji is a small and charming city brimming with lovely temples and churches, red-roofed houses and various colonial ruins.

 Panaji has a long and glorious history, and hence boasts several places of grand historical importance. It was designated as the capital of Goa in 1843 under the rule of Portuguese. From tourism point of view, the city has an intriguing mix of natural and cultural bounties. Enchanting panorama of Mandovi River, lovely looking hills and laid-back gardens give visitors a stress-removing exposure. Glorious churches having Spanish and Portuguese touch offer a taste of colonial era. Apart from that, lively markets, excellent dining spots and a range of modern entertainments give visitors a pinch of modernity.

 Among the most famous tourist attractions in Panaji are:

• Old Church of Immaculate Conception
• Reis Magos Church
• Viceroy’s Arch
• Martyrs memorial
• Shri Bhagwati Temple
• Mandovi River

 For accommodation, the city has a quality range of hotels that suits every lifestyle and budget. Many top rated hotels offer heart-pandering amenities and quality room service. Apart from that, there are plenty of mid-range hotels too, which delight the guests with various modern comforts. The best thing about such hotels is that they charge reasonable tariff.  Besides, complete packages for holiday in Goa are also available which avoid hassles of booking travel services separately. Most often they come with surprisingly low cost. 


 Introducing Pahalgam: A Scenic Heaven in Kashmir!

  Perched on the bank of historical Lidder River, surrounded by lovely orchards & plantations and backed by splendid Himalayan panorama, Pahalagam is a beautiful hill town in Kashmir. The place is about 100km from Srinagar, and is famous for being a base town for trekking to holey Amarnath Cave. However, breathtaking natural beauty and unsurpassable religious significance make this place itself a popular tourist town. The wondrous landscapes of this town have been used in many Bollywood movies including the latest one – Jab Tak Hai Jan. for those seeking for relaxation and leisure, this gorgeous valley is truly a remarkable treat.

  Pahalgam tourism has a lot in store for adventure-seekers. Trekking here is an unforgettable experience. Additionally, adventure buffs can try their endurance when opting for water rafting, horse riding and forest trailing. This less explore region gives some incredible vistas of nature to enjoy with. Among the major tourist attractions are Baisaran, Tulian Lake, Aru Valley and Betaab Valley. The best season to visit here is between March and November. Heavy snowfalls and inclement weather make it difficult to plan a winter trip here. However, the ones who manage to come are endowed with breathtaking scenery of snow-laden peaks and various winter sports to enchant with.

  Since a number of travel companies offer deals for hotels, transportation and other required facilities for Pahalgam tour, one can easily plan trip to this scenic heaven. Alternatively, a variety of Kashmir tour packages are also available for a hassle-free holiday experience. For those who want to book pocket-friendly Kashmir holiday package, there are several travel portals like Hungry Bags to search through.


Some Popular Reasons Why Bangkok Packages are Globally Famous

If we turn our attention towards tourism in Bangkok, we find that the city enthral us with original (traditional) set-up as well as contemporary tourism components. There are age-old temples and monuments which are the city’s original offers, while the institutions of shopping, dining, lodging and night funs are Bangkok during its era of modern development. Overall, the city brews a heady mix of past and present in the traveler’s platter.

Given below are some purposes why tourists take Bangkok tour:

Imposing Temples and Traditional Buddhist Culture: Bangkok is widely known for its gleaming Buddha temples practising ancient Buddhist cultures. They have imposing statues made of precious metals (gold, silver and bronze) and various objects of historical and religious importance. Interesting paintings and sculptures and ancient wood craft and architecture also leave visitors enchanted. Among the most famous temples in the city are Wat Arun, Temple of Emerald Buddha, Wat Mahatat.

Shopping: Bangkok has a reputation of being a shopper’s heaven. A large number of shopaholics take Bangkok packages to satiate their appetite. There are plenty of shopping malls, traditional Flea markets and countless of street-side shops, which allow the one to shop till he drops. Among the most famous shopping malls in Bangkok are MBK Mall, Emporium, Siam Paragon and Central World.

Nightlife: One can’t take away the nightlife away from Bangkok tour packages. Foreigners from each corner of the globe come here to see the city’s liberal culture from close. Bangkok’s go-go bars are internationally famous for serving the best of exotic delights. However, the city has no dearth of sophisticated night clubs where drinking and dining is truly a unique experience.

Apart from that, a Bangkok tour offers excellent art galleries and museum, zoos and animal parks and utmost luxury at Bangkok hotels to delight with.


Bangkok Package – A Dreams Comes True for Nightlife-lovers

If you happen to be a fun-lover, especially when the day shifts in dark, then you’ve got one more reason to book Bangkok tour package. The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the most sought after tourist destinations known for its temples, markets and exquisite nightlife. Yes, serving the visitors with a plethora of night funs, the city is, no doubt, a paradise for nightlife-lovers.

The entire city is teeming with glittering nightlife centers, though a few of city’s corners are stunningly vibrant and offer the best nightlife scenes anywhere else in the world. With a Bangkok tour packages, you may explore this most enticing component of Bangkok tourism to the fullest.

Patpong: This famous Red Light district of Bangkok has a profusion of decent nightclubs and exotic girly bars. Initially, it was notorious for its sex oriented bars and clubs, but today the area has gentrified into a decent nightlife center where a variety of entertainments including live dance & music, dining & drinking and trendy DJ Bars delight the tourists and locals alike. Most of the bars close at 1:00 pm, and offer a great mix of Asian and western nightlife scenes.

Sukhamvit Night Market: Come here for drink, dine, dance and shop till you drop. The area is packed of various trendy bars, exotic night clubs, restaurants and shopping stores, where all kinds of contemporary fun can be savored under the shade of sparkling nights. The famous Q Bar at Sukhamit is perhaps the largest night club of Bangkok. Additionally, the exoticism behind neo-lit curtains attracts warm blooded travelers in hordes.

Siam Cowboy: This red-light district offers a laid-back, carnival-like feel and sees a huge crowd of middle-aged expats, western tourists and sexy Thai girls. There are a few go-go bars too, which offer throbbing night scenes. Book your table in any of the famous night clubs, and you’ll be enjoying greatest of night scenes ever. The people are open-minded, and the area is safe to wander around. Entry is mostly and the price for drinks and other fun are fixed either.


The Never-Ending Delights At Goa’s Flea Markets

When winter approaches Goa, the state starts to dress up exquisitely: streets become overflowed with tourists, Goa beaches turn lively with hip-hop kind of atmosphere and hotels begin to spruce up. But what become the most captivating with the visitor number star swelling are the state’s flea and night markets. With passage of weeks, the festivity at these markets shifts to high gear and they become something really delightful.

This blog aims to describe the festive atmosphere at two of Goa’s famous flea markets: the Wednesday Flea Market at Anjuna and the Arpora night Market.

The Anjuna Market: the Shops with fully covered passageways at Anjuna market open their doors at 9am and remain bustling with shoppers till 6:30pm. Everything, from clothes to footwear and handicrafts to jewelry, is sold at this famous Goa market. Anjuna is a favorite haunt of bargain hunters and gives them an irresistible one stop shopping experience. Additionally, the market features live band performance, excellent dining spots and day-bars to grab hours of funs & delights.  You can walk down to the beach to have some relaxing time and witness splendid sea views.

The night Market at Arpora: over the years, the market has become quite a tourist attraction. Along with eclectic shopping, it spoils you with plenty of options to grab funs. Coming here makes you enjoy revelry and rhythm in the shopping alley. On Saturday night, the market turns heavy crowded by the locals and visitors alike, and it becomes really a challenge to enter in the main market.  You better avoid coming here with cars, and bringing a bike or scooter instead. Lights and lamps festoon every nook and corner, and make shopping a special experience.

After enjoying shopping, dining and hanging out at these markets, you can have great funs at beaches in Goa. Making your trip under a holiday package will give you a hassle-free experience.


Manali Holiday: A Rendezvous with Hills and Cultures

Manali is a charming hill station, no doubt! It is secluded, quant and among the most romantic corners on the earth. The major highlight of a Manali tour packages is exploring its enthralling natural bounties including the shimmering Beas River, Pandoha Dam and Rohtang pass; though exciting adventures and an eclectic selection of cultural heritages also leave the visitors enchanted. Apart from that, the town boasts plenty of luxurious hotels, shopping zones and dining avenues offering the modern comforts of utmost kind.

Winter in Manali during Manali tour is the best season for honeymoon couples. Thousands of pairs from far corners of the country visit here to savor a hearty concoction of nature and culture. Panoramic beauty of snow-capped hills, several historical destinations and a chilly unspoiled atmosphere give them a whale of time. Additionally, they can enjoy snowboarding or skiing at Rohtang Pass which is in close proximity and famous skiing destination in India. Lavish hotels are mushrooming at rapid pace, which gives couples a chance to feed on utmost luxury while celebrating their marital status in Manali.

In case you choose to book Manali honeymoon package during winters, it’s advised to go there some warm woolen clothes. Days remain cool, but the sudden chill at nights is sure to give shudder down to the spine. Snowfall is very common, so you better choosing your outfits accordingly. You can coincide you trip with the much-awaited five-day-long Winter Carnival that starts from 9th February and discover rich cultures and traditions of the region. Some not-to-miss attractions are Hidimba Temple, Siali Mahadev Temple, ABV Institute of Mountaineering and the Museum of Himachal Culture & Folk Art.


Bangkok Madame Tussaud Museum: Fix A Date With Your Favorite Celebs

Even if you’re skeptic, you’d probably find them veridical and not the wax sculptures. Really, they may befuddle anyone with their original-looking style and structure. Wandering around them make you feel more like a journey from one time to the next. This is where you can pose with your favorite celeb or can know more about the ones whom you’ve just heard of. You guess right! I’m talking about the Madame Tussauds Museum, Bangkok, which is now a popular tourism attraction in the ‘City of Angles’.

The wax museum, with its revolutionary concept, is sure to bedazzle you. But the thing that would leave you mesmerized is to rub shoulders with world celebrities from sports, royalty, movies, entertainment, politics and even artists. Situated in the Siam Discovery Center, the museum is not just a wax museum but also a great place to learn about glittering starts of past and present. This is the first Madam Tussaud’s to open in Southeast Asia, and is situated on the sixth floor of Siam Discovery Center.

There are ten exhibit rooms in the museum, divided as per real-life theme. One section is for royal families, one for history, and one for politics, artists, and scientists each and so on. The royal room is most elegant and is packed of sculptures of people from royal families including the great HRH Prince Mahitala Thibed Adulyadej and HRH Princess Srinagarindra. Similarly each of the sections contains celebrities from Asia and Western World. You can get clicked with Angelina Jolly, Tom Cruise, Michael Obama and many more.

The opening hours are 10:00 – 21:00 daily. Entry charges are different for Thais and foreigners, about 350 baht and 800 baht respectively. Many of Bangkok tour package include trip to this wonderful museum. So before booking your Bangkok packages, you can consult about this from your tour operator.


Manali Tour Packages: A Fruitful Deal for Romantic Escapade in Himalayas

Planning for honeymoon, and haven’t yet decided where to go? Well, quite a good number of options are available in India to choose from. And you might wonder to know that even some hill stations too offer great value for honeymoon during winters. Yes, the quant picturesque town of Manali is one of them, rated among the most sought after honeymoon destinations in India. Splendid natural beauty, cozy atmosphere and comforts and hospitality of utmost kind make it a paradise for couples looking to celebrate their spliced status.

If you see the real beauty of Himalaya, then there is no better place than Manali. The hill station features snow-capped peaks dotted with green plantations and orchards, breathtaking streams and waterfalls and interesting old traditions for travelers to enchant with. A rabble of shinning shopping arcades, excellent restaurants and a few dazzling nightlife centers give travelers a pinch of exoticism. Many of Manali hotels offer honeymoon special arrangements and never fail to live up with the reputation and image they have in mind of couples. Right from honeymoon special cake to candle light dinner, these hotels tries their best to give couples a remarkable time.

For sightseeing, there is an array of attractions that Manali has in its cusp. People on Manali tour packages can relish with astounding beauty of snowy mountains at Solan Valley and rohtang Pass, can visit to historical and religious destinations like Hididmpa temple and Hanogi Mata Temple or can immerse with exhilarating winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

Apart from that, a Manali honeymoon package allows you to savor interesting cultures and delicious cuisines of the region. For a trip which is enjoyable, time-effective and cost-saving, you can contact with a reliable travel operator.


Andaman Tour: Beyond the Oceanic Panorama

If you think that a sea can offer just coral reefs and marine life to explore, then you’ve not been to Andaman. Located in between Bay of Bengal, this small archipelago has a lot more to offer its visitors. There are rolling emerald hills, misty forests, exquisite waterways and virgin unspoiled islands, which combined leave visitor hypnotized and thrilled. Exciting water games including scuba diving, snorkeling and wind surfing will pump up your adrenaline. What more could you ask more from a tropical holiday destination?

Even before you reach there, an exhilarating feel begins to knock near your heart. Arial views of sparkling Andaman from flight are something you find hard to forget about. And once you approached the destination, you’re welcomed by a never-ending greenery and amazing coastal charms of Port Blair. The capital city of Andaman, Port Blair is the first stoppage for visitors, no matter which way you have arrived from. It is a good stop for couple of days of relaxation. Quite atmosphere with a distinct vibe give you a remarkable feel. Cellular Jail is the most famous travel attraction of Port Blair that almost every tourist takes a visit to. Apart from that, Mahatma Gandhi National Park is another good place to visit in Port Blair.

For those looking for a beach-side escape, Havelock Island is must-visit place. Almost every Andaman honeymoon package has this beautiful island in inclusion. Beautiful beaches surrounded by lush green forests here are idyllic for relax and rejuvenation. Furthermore, you can relish with a range of water sports. What else do Andaman tour packages offer include interesting tribe cultures, mouthwatering cuisines and inspiring wildlife to explore. Booking of Andaman packages is simple, as they are nowadays available online. 


Book Bangkok Tour Package for an Experience to Thrill and Delight

If you’re in haunt of a vacation full of excitement and thrills, booking a Bangkok tour package would be perfect choice for you. A city which is highly intoxicating, vibrant and modern, Bangkok never fails to stun and hypnotize its visitors. Nightlife lovers from all corners of the globe walk onto Bangkok and bask in its trendy night clubs and exotic go-go bars. The red light districts of Soi Cowboy, Siam and Sukhumvit offers some of the best nightlife scenes anywhere in the world.

A holiday in Bangkok comes with the added incentives of historical trails, allowing tourists to explore magnificent palaces & temples. Almost every Bangkok tour package includes visit to at least two of city’s sparkling temples. The best known ones are Wat Arun, Wat Phao and Temple of Emerald Buddha. And then exploring the architectural beauty and craftsmanship in the glorious Grand Place is the unmitigated thrill for visitors.

A Bangkok tour remains a foodie’s delight. From traditional Thai dishes to contemporary Chinese delicacies and a gamut of other intercontinental cuisines, you’ll get to finally eat your stomach’s content. The city has plenty of restaurants to make your stomach fully happy; though street foods in the city also enjoy status of being highly delicious. Shopping in the Thai capital is an experience to thrill and delight. From shining shopping malls to small street shops and the famous Flea markets – Bangkok has shopping options of all kinds to allow you buy everything you’re looking for.

Apart from that, Bangkok tourism boasts lively gardens, exciting amusement parks and excellent museums & art galleries for visitors to relish with. Booking a custom-made Bangkok tour package, you can spend a remarkable time in the city of angels. 


Andaman is Here, Are You Ready?

Experience a beauty that’s beyond a visual description, discover the history which is compelling as well as blood curdling and immerse with heart-throbbing adventures – Andaman welcomes you to a world full of wonderments of utmost kind. This lovely archipelago in sparkling Bay of Bengal is a heaven for backpackers, no matter which profile they lie in.

Strolling at the sandy shorelines, misty mystical jungles and picturesque islands gives you a remarkable pleasure away from hustle and bustle of the city and insomniac urban life. Andaman is where nightlife and exoticness has no space in travel itinerary. Locals and the tourists alike tend to go back to their cozy beds as soon as the darkness blankets the archipelago, and the nightlife here is something enjoyed by the nocturnal animals only. But the delights of days are compelling enough to make visitors throng here again and again. The Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park in Port Blair offers perhaps the best scuba diving in Asia, while the Cellular Jail is backed with a history recognized for its brutality and savagery.

Radanagar Beach at Havelock Island, Neil Island and the Barren Island are some other destinations which never fail to thrill, amaze and gratify the visitors. With Andaman tour packages available easily on internet, it has got easier to plan your journey to this natural heaven. Any reputed travel agency can be found offering Flights, hotels and other travel related deals for Andaman tour. Winter is the best season to come here. So don’t wait more, and go Andaman to collect the memories to cherish for lifetime.


How to Lay Aside Bucks with a Cheap Bangkok Tour Package?

A Bangkok tour beckons you to land brimming with historical charms enwrapped amidst contemporary ambiences. Gracious temples like the Wat Arun and Wat Mahatat, magnificent Grand Palace and iconic Chao Phraya River in Bangkok make you peep through inaugurating royalty and unsurpassable religiousness of Thai kingdom while pulsating nightlife give you the exotic pleasures of a lifetime. Really, Bangkok deserves all these planes loaded of revelers coming into the country.

But it happens to be an expensive business exploring Bangkok tourism. Hotels here are lamentably heavily priced and so are shopping and dining facilities. But booking a cheap Bangkok tour package, you can easily save up considerable buck which can later spend on your shopping and other fun. Let’s face it, booking a 3-star Bangkok package may cost you somewhere around INR 3500 per night per person. Direct flights to Bangkok are easily accessible from New Delhi, but charges are again quite high: around INR 27,000 for round trip. After that you will have to pay for restaurants, transfers within the city and other charges for sightseeing. When you return back to home after a 3-day long vacation in Bangkok, there will be a big hole in your bank account: from INR 60, 000 to 70,000.

But in case you book a cheap Bangkok package from a reliable travel company, this cost can be minimized to quite an extent. At some reputed travel portal like hungrybags.com, you may find various cheap Bangkok packages listed with their prices and amenities. A budget Bangkok tour package with return airfare, accommodation on twin sharing basis, all transfers and daily breakfast is available at around INR 25,000. Now add some other expenses to have funs and all that you count previously. I don’t think the entire cost will exceed INR 40,000, and it means you have INR 20,000 as saving. Dealing with a reputed travel company is, however, important in this matter.


The Splendorous Goa Holiday in Two Days

We all know that splendors in India’s coastal state Goa are countless, and even a month is not enough to explore them all. But many of them, which combined give you pleasure of whole Goa beach, can be discovered in just two days. Surprised? Continue reading and you’ll get to know how the resplendent Goa can be wholly inhaled in two days.

Well, start planning your tour at least a month before you pack for holiday. Scan the map and read about the must-see destinations. You would find names of Goa’s famous beaches like Calangute, Anjuna and Baga among not-to-be-missed Goa attractions. Also, historical churches like Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa church and some other colonial ruins can be found rated as must-visit spots in Goa beaches. And oh! How can you miss the Goa’s vibrant nightlife, cosmopolitan shopping and cultural festivity if you’re a fun-lover? I know it’s difficult to make choices.

Now you’ll land in Goa with a list of attractions in hand. Hire a taxi or motorbike and start you day as early as possible. Move to the beaches specified in the list. Luckily, Goa is a small territory and most of the famous beaches here are adjacent to each other. The gorgeous scenery and fun-filled water sports at Calangute, detectable dining & shopping at Anjuna and pleasurable sun-set views at Baga will make you day memorable. Photography is permitted, so you can capture each and every moment to relish with in future. The lure of Goa’s throbbing nightlife is irresistible, and the drinking, dancing and dining at opulent night clubs and discotheque here will remain treasured in your memorabilia for long.

Fix the second day for historical sightseeing holiday in Goa and nearby towns. The state’s most iconic structures are Old Goa Church, Fort Auguda and Basilica of Bom Jesus, which offer the opulence of history and architecture to discover. Take a tourist guide with you to get statics and information about these age-old buildings. Historical/religious importance and architectural grandeurs of Goa’s historical attraction will certainly impress you.

It would be great to spend evening with shopping in lively Goan markets and enjoying some delicious local cuisines. Now return back to your hotel room and catch flight back to your home as per the schedule.


Darjeeling Holiday: Reveals You a World of Exotic Natural and Cultural Delights

Darjeeling is a small hill station in Maharashtra, known for its fascinating Himalayan panorama and nostalgic charms. Breathtaking views of could-kissing peaks, the snowy atmosphere, lush green forests and presence of exotic flora and fauna – Darjeeling is a real delight for nature-lovers. Exciting sporting opportunities make this place a favorite haunt of adrenaline junkies.

Though the main USP of a Darjeeling tour is the verdant beauty of nature, it doesn’t mean that the place has nothing for history-lovers and culture enthusiast. Brilliantly built monasteries and gompas and several ancient buildings in the region take travelers step back in history.  Also, you would find a strong cultural legacy to enjoy during a Darjeeling tour.

Darjeeling, with its exquisite beauty and salubrious weather, is rated among the best honeymoon destinations. The couples can have a whale of time exploring the grace and glory that this lovely station has to offer you. Darjeeling hotels also offer excellent amenities and hospitality and keep all their guests satisfied. Accommodations here range from pricy luxury resorts to reasonably priced hotels, and cater all needs and budget of vacationers. For Sightseeing, there is a lot more in the region. Among the most popular attractions are the Tiger Hill, Thongsa Gompa, Surya Sen Park, Darjeeling Toy Train and the Observatory Hill.

The Himalayan Mountaineering Institute is another not-to-miss attraction, which showcases a grand collection of historical mountaineering equipment and illustrates enchanting Himalayan flora and fauna. Nowadays, all travel services required for a remarkable Darjeeling tourism excursion are offered by travel agencies online. Accommodations, flights and comprehensive Darjeeling tour packages can easily be booked using your home or office computer.

Himachal Tour: The Kingdom of Hill Stations Welcomes You!

Typically, in North India, when we talk of an outdoor getaway, it means a holiday to a hill station. During summer, many opt for a hill-side vacation to get off heat & humidity of plain, while in winter they choose to go there for snowy panorama and exciting adventures. What better chance to explore Himalayan hills than travelling to the north Indian state Himachal Pradesh: the ultimate kingdom of hill stations.

Although Himachal Pradesh doesn’t claim the highest peaks of Himalaya, there is a lot in store for those seeking for mountainous retreats. Famous as ‘Dev Bhumi’, the state is home to a number of hill stations, worth visiting to experience Himalayas.

Dalhousie: This picturesque hill town in western part of the state is named after a British Governor General ‘Lord Dalhousie’, and is a must-visit place for peace-seekers. There are several beautiful churches and colonial architectures, which are rated among the most iconic structures of the state. Lovely scenery of Himalayan peaks and exciting adventures add more to the charms of Dalhousie.

Kullu Valley: The most captivating element of Himachal tourism packages, Kullu Valley is far-famed for its exotic natural vistas and throbbing adventure sports. Fondly dubbed as the Valley of God, the region casts upon traveler a magical spell that remains folded in the memories for long. Manali, Rotang Pass, Solang Valley and various picturesque hamlets nearby offer visitors with a remarkable holiday experience.

Shimla: Another marvelous jewel of Himachal tour, Shimla is known for its serene beauty of nature and appealing age-old structures. The capital of the state, this famous hill station has always been a lucrative component of Himachal tourism packages.

Apart from that, Dalhousie, Keylong, Bilaspur and Mandi are some popular hill stations which constantly add a feather in already sparkling jewel of Himachal tourism.


Himachal and Kashmir - Beyond Himalayan Panorama!

 Well, a holiday in Himalaya is something that certainly gives you tired city souls a rejuvenating break. Refreshment in the air, unending panorama and exciting excursions of natural facets are sure to leave you mesmerized. When we think of a holiday in lap of Himalaya, Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir are the names which immediately come in mind. Awesomely tucked in between sky-kissing Himalayan peaks, both the states offer marvelous beauty of nature and exquisite hill-side retreats. A large number of backpackers, especially the nature-lovers and adventure enthusiasts, visit Kashmir and Himachal every year, and return back with enchanting memories unlimited.

Okay, let’s face it; most of us know Himachal and Kashmir for their picturesque hill stations. But there is a lot that the states have to offer beyond this mountainous grace. Kashmir is an awesome territory packed various religious sites reflecting its rich history & cultures. Magnificent gompas and sanctuaries in Ladakh, heavenly sacred Amarnath Cave and several temples and mosques in Srinagar give you a real religious ecstasy to savor. Beyond that, Kashmir boasts an exciting range of adventures that allures adrenaline junkies in hordes.

Himachal too is a paradise for the pious, dotted with ancient temples and pilgrimage destinations where thousands of devotees flock for blessing of myriad gods and goddesses. An interesting mix of Hindu and Buddhist cultures can be seen in this lovely state. Trekking to the could-kissing peaks of Himalaya, thrilling river rafting in Manali and a range of winter sports at Rohtang Pass make Himachal tour an ideal escape for those who want to pump up their adrenaline. Dense forests in the state give you a chance to get glimpse of thriving wildlife.

Whether you choose to plan a Kashmir tour or a Himachal tour, planning of it in advance is crucial. Booking a holiday packages from a reliable travel agent can ensure you a pleasing and comfy travel experience.

Darjeeling Sightseeing: Experience Flawless Natural Beauty and Eye-Popping Cultural Scenes

Darjeeling, with its awe-inspiring natural beauty, interesting Buddhist cultures & religiousness and exciting adventure sports, is one of the most sought after holiday spots in Northeast India. Situated atop a ridge at an elevation of 2134m, this picturesque town makes a great escape from heat & humidity of plains. Breathtaking views of snowy mountains in winter also draw backpackers in hordes towards this lovely hill station.

A Darjeeling tour takes you to a world of pristine natural beauty, rarefied mountain air and a perfect ecstasy of Buddhist cultures. The best thing to do here is doing nothing and soaking up the marvelous charms gifted by the Mother Nature. However, some points in the region are really fascinating and are worth visiting during Darjeeling tour. The Tiger Hills, the highest vantage point in Darjeeling, offers breathtaking panorama of sky-kissing Himalayan peaks. In a clear sunny day, even the elusive Everest puts in an appearance.

The Senchal Lake, at a height of 2448m, is a popular picnic spot in the region. Mesmeric scenery and healing serenity make it a must-visit location for honeymooners. Visit to the Observatory Hill to have taste of spirituality & solace. The place is equally sacred for both Hindus and Buddhists. For those of you inclined towards wildlife, a visit to the Himalayan Zoological Park is worthwhile. Established in 1958, the park has many rare species of animals including the Siberian tigers, Tibetan wolf and red pandas. For more about nature & history of this region, make a move to the famous Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI).

Apart from that, the region has several monasteries like the Bhutia Busty Gompa, Samdenchoeling, Sakyachoeling, Phin Sotholing and Aloobari, which deliver best cultural and spiritual scenes for visitors to explore. For best travel experience of Darjeeling tourism, don't forget to have a local travel guide with you.


Bangkok Package: Plying a Whale of Time in the City of Angels

Bangkok, the city of angels, is a great place to be for fun-loving tourists. Famous for its iconic temples like the Wat Arun, thriving cultural scenes and exotic nightlife, the city gets lured by travelers from across the globe. It’s the political capital of Thailand, and is one of the most fascinating metros in Asia.

While there are plenty of Buddhist temples in Bangkok, the most popular ones are the Wat Arun, Wat Mahatat and Wat Traimit. Gleaming with their superior architecture and grand historical importance, these temples always fascinate the travelers, particularly those interested in history & culture. Another must-visit place here is the Grand Palace. True to its name, it is dazzling, spectacular and a grand architectural beauty. The Grand Palace is one of the most renowned landmarks in Thailand and offers a distinct vibe that will soak you into the pool of deep nostalgia.

If you happen to be a fun-lover, Bangkok tour wouldn’t disappoint you. A large number of options including pubs, night clubs, discotheques and exotic go-go bars give Bangkok nightlife a reputation of being one of the wildest and most captivating in the world. Among the most famous areas to enjoy night funs in the city are Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy. Bangkok hotels stand unique offering world-class ambience and true Thai hospitality. Luxury hotels in Bangkok offer the guest with everything they may wish for. However, the city boasts a large number of budget-hotels too, which proffer the guests with a perfect atmosphere to relax and rejuvenation.

For a Bangkok tourism which is cost-effective as well as free of hassles, booking of a Bangkok package looks sensible. A variety of Bangkok packages are offered online, which give vacationers a whale of time in the city of Angels.

Travel and Tourism India: It Is Clambering All the Way

With demand for holidays getting more intense, travel companies are trying hard to ensure that travelers have a real good time when outdoors. It goes without saying that 2012 was a tremendous year for travel industry in India. And if the pace continues to next 12 months, we would see something really outstanding by the end of this year. And the credit for this achievement goes to the constant efforts of travel companies to make vacation an easy, affordable and stress-free affair. They have been coming up with lucrative deals for accommodations, flights and complete holiday packages to anywhere in India and abroad. This has made travelling easier than ever before, and the same time a safer, time-effective and affordable deal.

With several companies offering custom-made travel packages, you can rest assured knowing you vacation would be the same you want it to be. Whether you want a tranquil escape to somewhere natural destination, looking for a historical excursion or a vacation full of excitements & thrills, you can easily find a deal matching your fancy. Online booking facility has made it all a matter of few mouse clicks. Seriously, travelling was never so easy and delightful.

Today travel packages are designed considering specific needs of travelers. “The companies understand the traveler’s desires, and try to fulfill them perfectly,” said the marketing Manager of one of leading travel companies based in Delhi. “We have been coming for innovative ideas to please travelers and try to give them something really interesting they would remember for long.” he added. A trip to Goa beaches is merged with a wildlife safari in nearby Western Ghats and Manali tour can be mingled with nearby historical excursion. People are offered with packages which let them explore local cultures and lifestyle at a particular destination. Special slots are designed for shopping and other recreational pleasures. And this is why people look hungry for holidays and come to travel agents to make their free time remarkable.


 Kerala Holiday Packages to Make Wander Around a Natural Oasis

If you feel exhausted and tired of excessively agitated city life, it’s time you should take a break and book a Kerala tour package. Looking like a narrow strip on map, Kerala is the southernmost Indian state which is a paradise for nature-lovers and culture enthusiasts. One of the richest bio-diversity at Indian subcontinent, Kerala makes you feel very close to Mother Nature. Fascinating backwaters, tranquil beaches, lofty hills and scrumptious weather in Kerala leave each and every visitor refreshed, amazed and mesmerized.

Once you land at Kerala, you will find yourself encircled by a milieu which looks unmatchable to anywhere else. The lovely state make itself stand out from the rest of country, thanks to the marvelous beauty, unique set of cultures and world-class ambiences it has to offer. Mouth-watering cuisines and healing Ayurveda also keep backpackers pouring into this marvelous land. Even Thailand and Singapore cannot boast of the aroma and greening which Kerala has in its kitty. Intersting fairs 7 festivals which take place here Year-round are other chief attractions and reasons to make travelers book Kerala tour packages.

If you’re planning to visit Kerala soon, make sure to book your required travel services well in advance. Kerala hotels, especially at major tourist destinations, tend to be occupied very soon, and it’s therefore advised to book them ASAP. Taking flights to Cochin is the most feasible option for those coming from far north Indian states. Delhi to Cochin flights are easily accessible over web. Kerala holiday packages, which consist of all travel facilities, ensure visitors their Kerala tour to be a hassle-free and time-effective affair. A reliable travel company shall be able to provide you with attractive Kerala holiday packages and book Kerala hotels and flights.


Kerala Tour Package: Nature Enthusiasts Couldn’t Demand Over That

 Once you have been to Kerala, chances are that you wouldn’t demand for more in term of natural beauty to savor. Wedged between the enchanting Western Ghats and the mighty Arabian Sea, Kerala is perhaps the most vibrant topography at the Indian subcontinent. The timeless beauty of sandy beaches, magnificent hill stations and serenity & solace of unstained backwaters make this place a heaven for nature-lovers. Additionally, there are lush green forests filled with exotic flora & fauna, which offer wonderful opportunities for photographers and eco-tourism enthusiasts. Truly, Kerala is the place that never lets you go down, if you fantasize about exploring natural treasures.

Kerala has a long list of tourist attractions for nature-enthusiasts. The pristine backwaters of Kumarakom & Kuttanad are idyllic for a vacation away from frantic city life. They are amazingly beautiful, and offer exotic aquatic life to explore. Passing though these mystical waterways, you get explore amazing species of flowers, plants, water birds and animals. The palm fringed beaches of Kovalam and Varkala also draw hordes of backpackers looking for fun-filled holiday in lap of nature. These amazingly beautiful destinations are dotted with contemporary facilities like luxury hotels & resorts, first-class restaurants and healing Ayurbedic treatments to give visitors a pinch of exoticism. Apart from that the undulating hills of Munnar and Vagamon serve as ideal vacation spots for travelers of all ages and profiles. Cochin is another fascinating tourist spot in Kerala, popular among honeymooners.

Kerala holiday packages are also popular for offering an opportunity to discover rich wildlife legacy. The Periyar National Park and Thekkady Wildlife sanctuary are among the most popular animal reserves in India. Booking of Kerala tour packages is possible through web. Now to have pleasurable trip to the God’s Own Country, all you need to do is to find a Kerala package to suit your needs and budget over Internet.


  Top 5 Religious Attractions of Shimla Tour and Trip to Goa

 Shimla and Goa both are intensely scenic destinations. While Shimla tour is noted for its vividly beautiful hills, a trip to Goa beaches is always a mouth-watering experience, thanks to the candid panorama of Arabian Sea and wildlife. However, you may be surprised to learn that these two holiday locales also house some really marvelous religious spots.

Here are top 5 of such religious attractions which you must not miss out on:

Christ Church: Christ Church is one of the real wonders of Himachal Pradesh. Situated on Shimla’s Mall Road, this is a very pristine and old church which has a gothic look and a timeless appeal. The building is standing here since over a century and has a very infectious charm. Try to visit this place on a Sunday morning to take part in the prayers. Any good Shimla tour package will cover this attraction in its itinerary.

Jakhu Temple: Another major attraction you must check out during your Shimla tour is the Jakhu Hanuman temple. Since its location is atop a mountain, it is a very photogenic place from where you can gaze admiringly at the vast horizon.

Gurudwara Sahib: At Chail, you can visit the Gurudwara Sahib which is a deeply spiritual place built in 1907. It is one of the less visited attractions but do try to get it included in your Shimla tour packages.

Basilica of Bom Jesus: This is a very old church located in Goa and a definite must-visit for every tourist, whether Indian or foreigner. It is also counted as a heritage site.

Se Cathedral: Try visiting another holy church called ‘Se Cathedral’ during a trip to Goa. An old-world look and nostalgic feel will add to the spiritual ambience once you step inside its porch.

Similar to Shimla packages, Manali honeymoon package also get lured by nature lovers from across the country.


How to Avail Best Honeymoon Package Deal Online?

 With so many choices and healthy competition among travel agencies, getting a discounted honeymoon package deal is easier than ever before. Even Hotels and resorts offer honeymoon special deals in order to attract more and couples. However, no matter whether you book it yourself or through a travel agency, following steps may lead you to the best possible deal for honeymoon.

First of all, determine the destination where you want to spend time with your spouse. Choosing a destination should be based on the preference of both of you. Remember, blue water and white sand is not the only option available for honeymooner, you may opt for a hill-side vacation or a cultural tour to somewhere historical city in India or abroad.

Now figure out your requirements and budget. How many days you want to be outdoor and what sorts of facilities you wish to enjoy must be clear in advance. Be ready with the amount of money you’re ready to spend.

Search for the honeymoon packages online. A number of travel companies in India offer honeymoon special deals. Packages like Kerala packages and Darjeeling tour packages offer great value for couples.

Be flexible with date and time. During peak tourist season, rates for flights and hotels tend to be higher than the normal. For example, winter is the peak tourist season for Goa tour, while the summer is for Manali tour and Darjeeling tourism. Choose the time when it’s off season. Doing so, you can not only avoid the heavy cost but also annoying crowds.

Talk to a travel agent before booking any deal. Make clear about any hidden cost. Facilities that are promised should be discussed in advance.


Prime Reasons for Upward Trend of Medicinal Tourism in India

Medical Tourism is the fast-developing practice of travelling across the world that aims to obtain health care for travellers. And India is undoubtedly one of the leading destinations to promote this form of tourism on international level, thanks to the rich natural treasures, great expertise and inexpensive practices that the country boasts. Medicinal tourism in India is, in fact, a lucrative component of tourism that attracts thousands of health-conscious travellers, peace-seekers and the sufferers of various genetic diseases from across the world. Along with that, it ensures a healing experience to the body and brain.

Due to the boom in medicinal tourism in India, people don’t need to wait long for medical appointments in the countries like Thailand, UK and the USA. Various places in the county like Kerala, Goa and Bangalore offer various treatments, even at the cost which is ten to sixteen times less compared to the USA and UK. Apart from that, high quality treatments, state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-educated medical staff have also been the reasons for surge up of medicinal tourism in India. From eye-surgery to lasik surgery and ayurvedic massages to beauty enhancing treatments, India has become a prominent destination for various medical treatments.

If you’re looking for one such treatment or surgery, some of the leading players in India are:

• Apolo Hospital, GuruNanak Eye Center and Mohan Eye Center in Delhi
• Shankar Naytralaya in Chennai
• Hindujas and Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai
• A various surgery centers in Banaglore

For ayurvedic treatments and therapies, Kerala is perhaps the most famous destination. A variety of massages, therapies, yoga and medicinal treatments are offered under Kerala tour packages offered by travel companies. All these treatments are done using natural products and procedures, and give a soothing experience to the body, mind and soul. In Kerala, these practices are quite cheap, and that’s why demand for Kerala holiday packages has shown a radical rise.


 Kerala Tour Packages: Explore Rich Biodiversity, Distinctive Cultures and Cuisines

  Planning a Kerala tour this winter season? Great move, indeed! At this time of the year, the God’s Own country reveals its real identity. Mystic backwaters are ready to sail through, sparkling beaches are all set to delight you and interesting cultures and cuisines are getting cooked to satiate your senses – Kerala is at its zenith, at least for backpackers, during winters.

The southernmost Indian state Kerala sits in sharp contrasts to the rest of the India. It has the highest literacy rate, lowest infant mortality rate, the most diverse topography and the best health care system all though the country. Magical beauty of nature here leaves visitors speechless, while healing Ayurveda and meditation cure various genetic diseases. The great Arabian Sea is in the west, lush green Western Ghats (with an elevation ranging from 500 to 2700m) in the east and a network of 44 rivers through all its corners, making Kerala a heaven for nature-loving souls and one of the most thriving eco-tourism destinations around the world. Kerala consists of 14 districts, almost all offering a wonderful mix of nature, culture and cosmopolitanism. Historical monuments and wildlife reserves in the state also offer irresistible charms.

Kerala tour packages, especially to its hill stations and backwaters, are quite popular among honeymooners. They are well-designed to cater all needed facilities and delights a couple may wish for. Other than that, Kerala holiday packages also remain in-demand among adrenaline junkies, offering opportunities for various exciting activities like backwater cruise, trekking, scuba-diving and wildlife discovery. Since you’re planning to visit the state, here’s the list of top travel destinations that Kerala boasts.

• Cochin (lagoons and beaches)
• Alleppey and Kumarkoram (backwaters)
• Munnar and Wayanad (hill stations)
• Thekkady (wildlife and eco-tourism)
• Kovalam and Kozhikode

Manali Packages: Explore Untainted Natural Beauty and absolute Tranquility of Himalaya

  There is something about Manali that never fails to take your breaths away. Vast expanse of green plantations, snow-laden Himalayan peaks, shimmering streams & waterfalls, refreshing cool breeze and interesting flora & fauna – Manali looks like a heaven beauty of which is hard to surpass over.

Perched in between flashy Himalayan Mountains, Manali is one of the most sought after hill stations in North India. Verdant natural beauty and exciting adventures here allure backpackers in hordes. The shimmering Beas River passes through the town that reveals mesmeric serenity & solace along with various thrilling water sports. The snow-covered fields and lofty mountains along the Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass are a treat for eyes, while refreshing unpolluted environment makes your soul seeking refuge here. Captivating monuments, hill-side recreations and interesting cultures inject more colors to the outer suburbs of Manali. In short, Manali is a place that has substance as well as style.

Manali is a year-round travel destination (except of a few monsoon months); however the best time to plan a Manali tour packages is between October and April, when the region boasts a magical beauty of nature along with various winter sports (during December and January).  During this time of year, Manali remains bustling with honeymoon couples. One can find Manali hotels offering various attractive packages for visitors. A number of cultural programs take place to allure packpackers.travel agencies offer a variety of Manali packages for a hassle-free and time saving trip. Online booking facility of these packages and other travel deals make it simpler to plan a Manali tour.

Bangkok Tour: A Gala Time!

 For assorted reasons, which are not contiguous for sure, I’m in deep love with travelling. Though I couldn’t get enough chance to fix my fancy to core, I never leave chance to pack my bags for some amusive getaway. My last trip to Bangkok was also unplanned (two of my friends plotted it a month earlier and they asked me to accompany at last moment, and like always I couldn’t say ‘no’ even after I was sunk knee-deep in work).

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and a heaven for fun-lovers, is easy to get into, as direct flights to Bangkok are available from Delhi. We also opted for the same and flied to a land where funs have no limit (neither in quantity nor in caliber). From excellent live music to thriving jazz parties and exotic pole dance to sinful nightlife, Bangkok tourism makes you ride on a roller coaster of vernal enchants. And being a true Indian, I just loved it all. We went through the city’s candy bars, restaurants, and night clubs, which combined give us memories of a lifetime. And one more thing I want tell you here is that Bangkok is very relaxed, safe and enjoyable to wander around.

Well, we were not for just unholy activities, and thronged to several temples of the city. Perhaps no Bangkok tour is considered complete until you visit the gleaming wats (temples) and glorious palaces (especially the Grand Palace) here. Though the entire city is repleted of temples, we could make move to just three: Wat Arun, Wat Mahatat and Wat pho.

Shopping at flea markets was a kind of unique experience. You’ll surely enjoy the bargaining here, both by locals and tourists. But make sure you behave politely in any case. Hotels are in various categories to suit every lifestyle and budget. For first-timers, it’s better to come through a tour package as city is not so easy to navigate, especially for first timers. Bangkok packages can be booked online.

 Bangalore and Mumbai Flights: Take To Gain Some Everlasting Memories

Historically opulent, culturally interesting and naturally charming, South India is a destination that can certainly satiate all travel fancies. The region houses the biggest metros, most sparkling beaches, historical temples & monuments and some of the fascinating cultures in India. If you’re planning to discover the ever-sparkling charm of South India, Bangalore deserves to be your first stop. The city has an International airport, and Bangalore flights can easily be availed from all major cities around the globe. Hence travelling to ‘Garden City’ is never a problem.

If Bangalore attractions are talked about, one can easily think of scenic gardens & lakes, glorious temples & palaces and an ever-growing IT industry. Pleasing weather gives the city a status of idyllic destination for couples and pensioners. Among the popular natural attractions, which are sure to leave a mark on your mind, are Ulsoor Lake, Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park and Bannerghatta National Park. Additionally, Wonder La Water Park, the ISKCON Temple, the Bull Temple and the Tipu Sultan’s Palace are some other places of tourist interest in Bangalore. When planning for tour to this attractive city, it’s always better to book your required facilities like Bangalore hotels and flights to Bangalore in advance.

Mumbai is yet another destination in South India, which remains highly popular among backpackers. Facing the mighty Arabian Sea, the city is home to various lovely beaches Juhu Beach, Marine Drive and Chowpatty Beach, which remain bustling with tourists and the locals alike. This fascinating urban center is, however, famous for its mesmerizing funs & nightlife. Also, the city lets you enjoy world-class shopping and delicious cultures & cuisines. Being a prominent tourist destination and major economical center in India, Mumbai has great connectivity to the rest of the country. With online booking facility, one can book Mumbai flights without any inconvenience. However, early booking is recommended for getting cheap flight to Mumbai.


 Darjeeling Hill station: Leave One’s Senses Intoxicating

 I love the mountains, ever since I first laid eyes on them when I was just 10 years old. I remember descrying them from distance. They seemed to calling me to touch them, feel them and climb them like an expert mounter I often saw on ‘Discovery’ Channel. I missed the marriage function and went to embrace those hazy hills with one of my childhood friends. To be honest, it was an experience I could never be able to describe.

After that lucky incident, I have been flocked to many hill stations in North India including Shimla, Manali, Rishikesh and Mussoorie. And every moment that I spent with these fascinating Himalayan hills is still jaunting in my mind. This time, I got chance to explore Darjeeling: a wonderful hill town in Indian state of West Bengal. Largely unexploited, covered with snowy mountains, dense green woods, shimmering streams & waterfalls and rich flora & fauna, Darjeeling is nothing short of a natural heaven. For those of you in haunt of nature expedition, perhaps no other place in India offers so many delights as Darjeeling does. Rolling hills and deep colorful valleys offer breathtaking vistas for eyes to savor, while the mild climate and laid back charm of the city pamper your body and brain to the core. Additionally, beautiful tea plantations and interesting fairs & festivals give a magical aura to this land that leaves every visitors becharmed. Apart from that, Darjeeling boasts a range of adventure sports to pump up your spirits.

Darjeeling is situated in North East India and is well connected to the rest of country. Being a tourist hub, the city has connectivity to all major cities in West Bengals and nearby states. With a number of travel companies providing Darjeeling tour packages online, one can be rest assured of hassle-free and enjoyable holiday at this lovely hill station. Hotels, transportation or other facilities needed for Darjeeling tourism expedition can be found through web.

Andaman Tour Packages: A Bagful of Delights

  When thinking of a merrymaking holiday pullulated with history, nature and culture, the name of Andaman Island immediately pops up in mind. An Andaman tour deserves to get a special attention when one is seeking for a delightful vacation for this family or friends. Situated in between Bay of Bengal, the sparkling archipelago is a heaven for eco-tourists and fun-loving backpackers.

An Andaman package never lets you down, when enjoying history and nature is your idea of perfect getaway. Take a tour to Havelock Island and you get exciting beaches, awesome adventures and exotic beauty of nature to explore. The aroma of lovable cuisines and a thriving festivity year-round make this place a heaven for leisure travelers. If you’re in haunt of history, Andaman has several landmarks including the famous Cellular Jail and various museums such as the National Memorial and Anthropological Museum. These age-old structures give a deep insight of rich past of the Island. You can enjoy a pristine beauty of nature and exquisite marine life visiting the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

A trip to this marvelous heaven brings you unending thrills and excitements. Right from scuba-diving to forest camping and trekking to wildlife safari, Andaman welcomes the adrenaline junkies with a full range of adventures to explore. Crystal clear water and favorable climate make Neil island an ideal place to enjoy snorkeling and diving. Clean and unspoiled seashore and marvelous sightseeing add more to the joys this natural heaven has to offer.

Additionally, you would find yourself amidst interesting tribe cultures, the yummiest cuisines & seafood and warm friendly people with Andaman tour packages. Book your needed travel facilities or complete Andaman packages well in advance, if you’re planning for a frolicking holiday at Andaman.


Delhi Mumbai Flights Taking You to A World of Mesmeric Delights

 Encompassing the best of new and the old, Mumbai is a real jewel of Maharashtra. The city serves as the financial Capital of India, being home to the world-renowned corporate houses and the India’s largest entertainment industry ‘Bollywood’. It has rich history and a strong cultural legacy. There are fascinating hotels and world-class shopping, which never leave you disappointed or dissatisfied. Lively beaches make a rejuvenating break from madding city life, while night clubs here offer unending fun & frolic. The list goes on! In short, Mumbai has everything that a traveler may wish for, and is a must-visit place at least once before you die.

 Delhi Mumbai flights connect two most important cities of Indian subcontinent. Whatever may be the reason, an increasing number of travelers board Delhi Mumbai flights daily. And to best accommodate their needs, all major airlines in India offer flight services at this route. Among the major players on this busies air route of India are Air India, Indigo, Spice Jet and Jet Airways. They offer flights in various classes to suit need of every passenger. Additionally, travel agents throughout the country offer lucrative deals for Delhi to Mumbai flights. However, the key to get cheap flight to Mumbai is booking your seat as early as possible.

 Online booking facility makes your flight reservation a matter of just few mouse clicks. Searching online, you find flight deals which perfectly match your needs and budget. If you happen to be a frequent traveler, you better logging into some reputed travel portals. By doing so, you’ll get periodically alerts about travel deals from these companies.


Delhi: The Magical Place for Shoppers and Foodies

With festive season of Christmas and New Year Eve is banging at the door, shopping seems to step up the chart of ‘must-do-things’ for fashion freaks. Even I personally feel that this is when shopping for ‘clothes and gifts’ becomes a necessity for survival for most of us urban souls. Well, if shopping is talked about, Delhi deserves to poke your mind. A city where shopping seems a governmentally approved best time pass, Delhi allures shopaholics from far and wide. And the reason is very obvious. Not only in North but also far around the country, Delhi is the only place where shopping is for everyone, notwithstanding any budget or lifestyle.

I’m also a kind of shopping-lover, and often go out to empty all my valet. While in Delhi, you have plenty of destinations to fix your fancy. Go to Select City Walk in Saket, Ansal Plaza at Andews Ganj or CTC Mall in Moti Nagar, if you’re in haunt of branded items. All these malls have layout of international brands offering rich varieties of contemporary items. Apart from that, shopping stores at Connaught Place also attract shopping freaks, both tourists and locals alike. In case, you want to check your bargain skill, make a move to Lajpat Nagar Market, Sarojini Nagar Market or Palika Bazaar. But be sharp enough to face spoofs. 

Like Shopping dining in Delhi gives you delightful experience. International food chains like Mc Donald, Pizza Hut and KFC have their layout all through NCR. They are reasonable as well efficient enough to satiate your taste buds. For more, mouth-watering street foods, especially parantas, pakode, chawmeen and golgappas, in the city give a remarkable taste to foodies. Additionally, historical attractions, cultural extravaganzas and thriving nightlife have long been the major draws for visitors in Delhi. When planning a Delhi tour, booking of Delhi flights in advance is recommended. Cheap flight to Delhi can be booked online.


Things You Should Know Before Booking Connecting International Flights

 An international trip is, indeed, an exciting affair, but more often it leaves us bogged down by the anxiety of connecting flights. You’re helter-skelter running at the airport terminal to catch your next destination flight, while heavy bags, flying hair and sweating body giving you nothing but a stressed and disquiet feel. This situation seems to be a casual drama attached with international trip, and the one you would never want to deal with. But if you give yourself enough time to search thoroughly and take some important points into account, you can have a peaceful international flight experience.

Book your tickets from one airline, as most of the airlines tend to be more careful about their own passengers. So you would be on edge when the flight that you’re board on is running late, as the airline may hold the connecting flight for some extra time.

It’s imperative to be well acquainted about weather conditions and other issues attached with airline and the airport. Online research comes in very handy in that case. Thunderstorms, clouds, snowfall and fog are some factors which affect airline schedules.

Other important factors which make difference include the day and time that you choose to travel on. Flights on weekdays often have enough backup space, while the weekend flights tend to be packed. So if traveling on weekdays can save you from the penalty of spending lots of time at airport.

Well, if you book your flight through a reliable travel agent, you’re more likely to have a pleasing experience. Whether you book Delhi to Mumbai flights or an international trip like Bangkok tour, make sure to deal with a reputed travel company.

 Plan Manali Travel to Enjoy Snowy Hills and Frolicking

 Encircled by snowy peaks and dense pinewoods packed of exotic flora & fauna, Manali is place of mesmeric aesthetic beauty. It is located on the northern end of Kullu Valley, and serves to be a perfect escape from frantic city life. Enchanting Himalayan panorama here is a real treat for eyes, while interesting cultures and salubrious weather add more to the splendors Manali tour has to offer you. The place makes a delightful sojourn for people looking for spiritualism, being a holy adobe of innumerable gods and goddess. And it’s therefore Manali features a number of colorful festivals, fairs and glorious shrines.

Planning a tour to this fascinating hill station is quite simple, with all needed facilities being available online. From hotel booking to complete Manali tour package, online booking facility allows you to serve everything you need well in advance. However, you must be fully prepared before packing your bags. Search through some reputed travel portals and gain all valuable info about Manali honeymoon package. Collect information about the major tourist spots here, local customs and traditions, popular hotels & restaurants and other travel services.

Plan your trip with a reliable travel agent if you want a holiday with no hassle and full pleasures. Winter in Manali gives visitors a remarkable holiday amidst snow-spread scenery and various snow-sports, while summer is ideal for adventure and sightseeing. Avoid Monsoon, if possible, as the region witnesses a huge rainfall and landslide during this time. Among the popular tourist attractions in the region are Beas Kund, the Castle, Solang valley, Hidimba temple, Raghunath temple and the Rohtang Pass. For more info, check out reliable travel portals.


 Andaman Tour Packages: Eco-Tourism Hot Spot of Asia

 Nature is always fascinating – serene, calm and something new to explore. It also has some wild beauty, which also make human being a self-captive. Want to wander around lush green forests of Andaman while exploring the serenity and solace they hold? Book Andaman package online now and see the natural beauty at its best. In the heart of Bay of Bengal, Andaman is like a piece of heaven where nature-loving souls always seek refuge.

Awesome beaches, appealing coral reefs, tranquil hills and lush green forests make Andaman a thriving hot spot for nature-enthusiasts. There are various destinations, which tourists find matchless in term of beauty and grace. The Havelock Island at Andaman is a great place for fun & frolic. Scenic beaches, great snorkeling and scuba diving allure a large number of backpackers at Havelock. Visit Rutland Island if you want to savor a pristine, non-polluted and serene natural environment.

Comprising lush tropical mangrove forest and amazing coral reefs, this lovely island takes you to a whole new world of flora & fauna. Neil Island here boasts nice beaches and decent snorkeling, and is a perfect place for honeymoon couples. Apart from that, several other islands, amusement parks and research centers leave nature-lovers enchanted at the end of Andaman tour. Climate at the island is tropical, with days being sunny and evening cool and refreshing. September to February is the best time for Andaman tour, and is the time when demand for Andaman packages accelerates excessively. If you plan Andaman tour packages during this peak tourist season, advance booking of accommodation, flights and other services is recommended.

 8 Things To Do On Bangkok Tour

If you’ve ever been to Bangkok, you must be acquainted with the fact that the city serves to be the most happening place in Asia. Rocking nightlife, mesmeric historical expedition, fascinating walks around parks & gardens and irresistible shopping and dining make Bangkok tour a remarkable sojourn for active travelers. This blog brings you top 8 things that you should while you’re there.

1. A visit to the Grand Palace and Wat Pra to explore historical grace and highly revered Buddhism.

2. Take Khlong tour to comprehend how people in Bangkok used to live in ancient time. Explore artificial shacks, age-old wooden townhouses and dilapidated lean-tos and feel like in sailing through age-old Bangkok.

3. Dining in Chinatown market. The area offers some of the best tasting dishes of Bangkok at reasonable price. A range of exquisite delicacies including obscure and the ostentatious will enlighten your taste buds in the restaurants in Bangkok Chinatown.  

4. Chilling out at the rooftop of the iconic State Tower’s Sirocco or the Banyan Tree’s Vertigo while enjoying your favorite cocktail.

5. Hit the dance floor or enjoy other late night funs at red-light district of Soi Cowboy. The place is not ideal to visit for family-vacationers.

6. Taste the electrifying nightlife scene at RCA. Ranging from elegant night-clubs to exotic go-go bars and clubs, there is something for every fun-lover.

7. Book Dinner Cruise in historical Chao Phraya River and feel its magic by close. Delicious Thai cuisine, cool refreshing atmosphere and your favorite music in background is sure to leave you enchanted.

8. Take trip to Wat Arun and sail through a world full of peace and spirituality.

Planning for a Bangkok tourism first-time, you better get professional travel assistance. A variety of Bangkok packages are available online to choose from.


Kerala Tourism Campaigns to Regain Growth This Winter Holiday Season

This could be a rescuer for Kerala tourism, which sees a bleak season this year. The Three-month long Kochi-Muziris Biennale is all about offering cultural extravaganzas to the visitors and is expected to boast the currently stagnating tourism industry in this ancient Kerala city. Starting from the classical date 12-12-12 this year, the mega event will showcase the best of art and music that Kochi has to offer you. Interactive exhibitions of art work and various specific installations in heritage buildings under this event aim to regenerate the rich history of the region and to open it to the world.

Kerala, the country’s southernmost state, has long been a prominent tourist center in India. This is where the best conflux of nature and culture can be explored. Astonishing backwaters, lovely coastlines and lush green jungles packed of rich wildlife make Kerala a nature-lover’s heaven. For those interested in history and cultures, the ancient cities of Kochi, Trivananthpuram and Kanyakumari give a perfect dose to savor. Also, ayurvedic and medical tourism in the state also draw a large number of travelers from far and wide. Rich biodiversity of Western Ghats, salubrious weather and expert therapists and doctors give Kerala an identity to be the best medicinal tourism destination in Asia.

However, the last year see a little downturn in tourism in the state. And the events like Kochi-Muziris Biennale are sure to bring it on right track. Tourism facilities like Kerala holiday packages and Kerala hotels can be booked online. Other than that, local tour operators are offering lucrative travel deals to promote tourism in the state. Like a holiday at beaches in Goa, kerala holiday is also expected to be in high-demand this winter season.


 Kashmir Tour: A Holiday That Gives Memorisable Feels To Every Traveler

Book a Kashmir tour package, and immerse yourself in breathtaking Himalayan panorama and intriguing mix of Hindu and Muslim cultures. The northernmost state, nestled amongst the rolling hills and dense green woods, Jammu & Kashmir is renowned for its exceptional beauty of nature and salubrious weather year-round.

There are plenty of destinations in Kashmir that have attracted nature-lovers, artists and artisans from across the world for more than a century. Srinagar, the summer capital of the state, is home to some of the most fascinating lakes & gardens in India, and is an excellent choice for honeymoon couples. Other than the heavenly natural delights, the city gets lured due to rich cultural heritages and warm Indian hospitality. Srinagar is the gateway to Ladakh region, one of the highest and most barren landmasses on the earth. Rugged paths, snow-clad mountains, frozen glaciers and exotic flora & fauna make leh Ladakh tour a must-do activity for nature-lovers. However, the region boasts heart-throbbing adventures, at a jaw-dropping altitude, and hence is a dream destination for avid travellers.

Come to Sonamarg and enjoy delightful winter sports like skiing and snow camping with a Kashmir tour package. Also, trip to lush green Pahalgam and Gulmarg also remain the parts of any tour itinerary under Kashmir tour packages. If you’re the one looking for spiritual dose, Kashmir wouldn’t disappoint you. There is world-famous Amarnath Cave and dive shrine of Shri Veshno-Devi, which are thronged by thousands of pilgrims annually.

In Simple words, a Kashmir tour is for everyone and that’s why the state is one of the most sought after holiday destinations, despites of some regional riots and political difficulties. Backpackers from far and wide take Kashmir tour packages, and enjoy the heavenly beauty at this ‘Heaven on Earth’.


India Tourism: Tour Operators and Travel Agencies

 Tourism industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. And the main reason behind this fact is the easy and affordable accessibility of tourism services worldwide. Whenever and wherever you choose to visit, all required facilities can easily be booked to suit one’s specific needs and budget. Demand for travelling is increasing year per year and so is the number of service providers domestically as well as internationally.

Tourists products are offered to travelers in several ways: direct from vendors, through travel agents or tour operators. Many people find it hard to differentiate tour operators and travel agents. And obviously, there is a slight difference between the two. In fact, travel agencies are the retailers in travel industry. They sale a number of travel related services including transport, accommodation and package tours on a fee or contract basis. In contrast, tour operators are the wholesalers of tourism who buy travel services in bulk from airlines and hotels and then sale these services to travel agents or directly to the travelers. With both tour operators and travel agencies offering online booking facility for vacationers, there remains a thin line between the two. They have been considered same by travelers.

In India, tour agencies offer travel packages and other related services for almost all popular destinations. Whether you plan an Andaman tour, a holiday in Kerala or a Kashmir trip, you’ll find all needed facilities offered by travel operators and travel agencies. Booking of such services has got just easier with internet spreading it wings everywhere. You can book your deal online and can make payment to confirm it. Even comparative shopping can enjoyed using this mode of booking. You can visit online portals offering Andaman package and compare them in term of services and price to choose the best deal for you.

 How Opting Professional Help Comes In Handy For A Delhi Tour?

The capital of India, New Delhi draws travelers in hordes, thanks to its wonderful mix of historical attractions and metropolitan lifestyle. For so long now, Delhi is one of the most favorite destinations of International travelers in India. The city offers rich history, world-class shopping, detectable cuisines and interestingly vibrant culture for tourists to savor. Throughout the year, the city witnesses a huge footfall of vacationers from across the globe. Hence, it’s not surprising that you will find here plentiful tour operators who make all necessary arrangements for vacationers. They offer travel facilities of various kinds, and ensure the visitors a hassle-free and enjoyable Delhi darshan.

Delhi is a wide spread city and travelling here by own is not easy. That’s why it’s always better to contact a tour agent who can take care of all your travel needs. You can avail car rental service with a well-informed local guide, accommodations and other needed services well in advance, which can lead you to a trouble-free travel experience. Many tour operators in Delhi offer airline booking facility online. You can book Delhi flights using your home or office computer. Doing this allows you to focus on your tour itinerary rather than bothering about travel arrangements. Many travel portals even offer valuable information about tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants and other facilities in Delhi, which can help you plan your Delhi tour well in advance. You can browse through these online portals and can easily grab travel related solutions. Whether you’re looking for a cheap flight to Delhi, budget friendly Delhi hotels or tailor-made packages, online research always come in handy.

However, you need to make sure the travel operator you’re dealing with has an authentic business and has a good reputation in market.

 Delhi to Bangalore flights: Fly to the Garden City of India

The British developed it as a supply depot on Mumbai-Chennai route, but today the city has become the cultural hub, the most captivating urban center and the Silicon Valley of India. Yes, I’m talking about Bangalore: A south Indian urban jewel located at the cusp of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka state. One of the largest metropolises at the subcontinent, Bangalore has been a traveler’s delight, brimming with historical landmarks, lovely parks & gardens and lively capacious markets. The vibrant nightlife in the city is also a major draw for fun-loving tourists.

Bangalore, due to its fascinating lakes & gardens, is known as a pensioner’s paradise. Soothing serenity and solace in lies in the city’s lush green gardens, spread in all corners of the city. Cubbon Park, for instance, is an excellent example of calm and quite atmosphere, and is a perfect place for nature-lovers, walkers and joggers. Lal Bag in Bangalore is one of the most beautiful botanic gardens, set out by Hyder Ali centuries ago. A unique floral population can be explored in this picturesque garden. Located on the Outer Ring road, Lumbini Garden is another fascinating garden in Bangalore. There is an artificial beach to enchant family vacationers. A range of entertainments can also be enjoyed inside the garden.

Bangalore has an international airport, with air connectivity to almost all major cities around the world. Delhi to Bangalore flights are quite frequent, as most of domestic airlines provide flight services between two most important cities of India.  A large number of travelers from North India opt for Delhi to Bangalore flights to reach the Garden City. When coming here for a vacation, make sure you book Bangalore hotels well in advance. With online booking facilities, it’s just a matter of minutes.


 Chennai Flights: A Land at an Ever-Changing Land of Luxury

The newly established facilities, though, have shaded over the grace of colonial wonders; Chennai still is a popular haunt of tourists, thanks to its sea connection and appealing greenery all around. The south Indians take Chennai as a lively sunny spot and a treat against mundane city life. The sandy beaches, sunny warm weather and exotic water sports are what make people pouring into this land of luxury.

Chennai is always bubbling with energy, no matter when you visit here. Although cultural conscious Chennai is not for those looking for exotic nightlife or other limitless funs, one can enjoy throbbing water sports and astonishing festivity the city has to offer year-round. Additionally, there are plenty of parks worth visiting for fun-loving tourists. Chennai has a few historical landmarks, museums and places of worship, which reflect the city’s wealth of past.

For getting into Chennai, a number of options are available from most of major Indian cities. Indian railway connects the city with all corners of the country. However, the best option, especially the ones coming from far-located destinations, is the air way. One can easily book Chennai to Mumbai flights or Chennai to Delhi flights easily and that too at reasonable rates. Many airlines provide cheap deals for Chennai to Mumbai flights and flights to Chennai from other cities, which make air travel within reach of budget travelers too. Online booking of Chennai flights keep travelers on ease, and even allow them to do comparative analysis before finalizing a deal.

Chennai is a year-round destination; you can come here anytime and sail through a mesmeric world of fun & pleasure. However, it’s advised to book your travel facilities well in advance.

 Cellular Jail: A Must-Visit Historical Jewel of Andaman

People take Andaman tourism to explore its secluded backwaters, pristine beaches and lush green forests packed of exotic flora & fauna. But there is something more that the island is far-famed for – rich history and cultures. And to comprehend this fully, visit to the Cellular Jail in Port Blair is worthwhile. Formerly known as ‘Kala Pani’, the cell was constructed in 1906 by the British Governments, and was used to imprison and ruthlessly torture the Indian freedom fighters: Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savarkar are the notable ones among them. Today, the structure is famed as a national memorial monument and remains the part of tour itinerary of almost all Andaman packages.

Structure of cellular jail is uniquely designed in such a way that no prison can communicate to other ones. It’s entirely made up of individual cells, measuring an area of 4.5m x 2.7m. This three storied jail comprises seven wings, with 698 cells altogether and a tower in the center to intersect them. A guard used to keep watch on prison from this tower. There is a large bell hanging in the tower, which was used as an alarm during emergencies. Amazingly built, Cellular jail was once a dreadful name among prisoner, as it where a prisoner got the worst time of his life.

Today, a large number of travelers visit this monument, and take deep insight to the history behind it. One can enjoy Sound and light Show, both in English and Hindi, during evening where everything pertaining to the jail is described in detail. Also, the heroic Freedom Struggle and the sacrifices made by Indian freedom fighters are shown through pictures and videos. Apart from that, there is a Martyr’s memorial, a museum, and a photo gallery to make visitors comprehend the history and cultures of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You would surely love this structure and the legends behind it. So next time when you take Andaman tour, don’t miss to visit this historical jewel of Andaman.

Bangkok: The Timeless Jewel of Thai Kingdom

The well-loved Bangkok basks in the glory of fascinating Buddhist temples and heart-throbbing cultures, and is a timeless Diva in Southeast Asian nation Thailand. From cultural heritages to natural beauty and dining & shopping to nightlife, everything in Bangkok is fascinating. The city is architectural a wonder, stunningly rich in history & culture and naturally blessed with a number of gardens, parks and reasonable weather year-round. Efficient transport system, towering skyscrapers, modern shopping malls and first-class hotels reflect the city’s wealth of modern day. Overall, visiting to this gleaming metropolis is a life-changing experience for vacationers.

Bangkok featured attractions: for travelers, Bangkok has a range of things to do and see. Historical attractions like th Grand palace, Wat Aron and Rama IX Park give the city an iconic status, while plenty of modern enchantments like the Dream World, Chock chai farm and butterfly garden give modern travelers a sense of sheer pleasure. Art galleries and museums like the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and the Air force Museum offer interesting collection of artifacts and arts to explore. Damneon Flea Market and Batcat Toy Museum are also some interesting tourist places one shouldn’t miss during Bangkok tour.

Bangkok’s nightlife is internationally famous, being the wildest and most heart-throbbing in Asia. The city is brimming with night clubs, bars and discotheques, and is a dream destination for fun-loving tourists. Some most popular areas to visit for vibrant nightlife in Bangkok are patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy. Bangkok packages are widely available, allowing travelers to experience a hassle-free Bangkok tourism. Online search in advance can lead you to the most suited deal, when it comes booking Bangkok packages.


 Four-Star Hotels in Chandigarh – Delicious Lavishness at Affordable Rates

Going Chandigarh, and don’t have idea about where to stay? It sounds silly! Actually, the picturesque city has so many options, in all possible categories, that a person can be confused which one to pick up. But you want a quality stay, and budget is not something that bothers you, this blog would give you some good names in four-star category.

Chandigarh is one of the finest cities in India, and is capital of Indian states of Haryana and Punjab. Embellished with well-improved infrastructure, loaded with swanky malls, shining cafes, lively markets and picturesque gardens, Chandigarh offers a delightful experience to the visitors. Hotels in Chandigarh are extremely impressive, being equipped with excellent amenities and warm Indian hospitality. Amongst popular and much-preferred Chandigarh hotels, there are 4-star hotels on the top of the chart, simply because they offer remarkable stay at reasonable rates. The Toy hotel, to begin with, is known for its eye-appealing design and upscale amenities. Soothing environment and flawless services are simply superb, adding more to the joy of living there. Marc Royale Hotel is another example of world-class ambiences and delightful hospitality in Chandigarh. A multi-cuisine restaurant and various recreational amenities make your stay more gratifying.

The Chandigarh Ashoka, near to the city airport, is well-suited for business travelers. Rooms are exquisitely designed and equipped with necessary business facilities like wi-fi connectivity. There is conference hall and business meeting room inside the hotel. You can check in the ‘The Pearl’ for a detectable stay with ultra-modern entertainment. Room service in this hotel is simply remarkable. Other than that, Himani Hotel, Hotel Marc Royal and Best Western Maryland are other popular options in this category. Same as Chandigarh hotels, Delhi hotels are known for their quality stay at reasonable rates.


 Delhi to Goa Flights: Step Back In Time With Goa Tour Packages

Goa is usually spoken of as a beach destination. This is, to an extent, a wrong notion. Brushing aside the versatile charms of this state as merely a beachside locale will be disrespectful to this amazing state. Goa tour packages give you the chance to discover the other side of Goa- the more magical and breathtaking side. These packages can also help you book cheap flight to Goa.

It is true that Goa is full of beaches. Wherever you go, you will come across the dazzling sunny, sandy, rocky and bushy beaches in Goa which certainly make the state the most coveted beach destination in India. But there are other special sites which will make you step back in time. This coastal state is not your average metropolitan state. It is a place bathed in history and ancestral glory. Forts like Aguada fort, Chapora fort, Marmagoa fort and Teracol Fort are just some of the many forts which adorn this beautiful locale. They have an inherent nostalgic beauty about them which would make you want to roll back to the medieval age.

Under Goa tour packages, you will also get to walk into the long hallways and aisles of those magnificent old churches like the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral. These churches are styled differently. You will find a lot of Gothic art and Portugal influence in many of the Goan churches. Other things which should make you crave for Goa is its lip-smacking food and annual festive carnivals. During the winter carnival when the entire territory becomes exuberantly colorful, you will find it difficult to book Delhi to Goa flights.


Holiday Packages: What Makes Anjuna One of the Hottest Goa Beaches?

Goa is one of those places which are always on a backpacker’s must-visit list. Amongst the dozens of Goa beaches, Anjuna is one of the most famous ones. Anjuna Beach is not very far from Baga and Calangute beaches and the trio certainly makes that corner one of the most visited ones. To reach this place, you can catch cheap flight to Goa from anywhere in India. Most holiday packages will help you book flights & hostels.

Honestly speaking, Anjuna is not the most panoramic beach that Goa has to offer. In fact, it can get annoyingly crowded at times and is certainly not the favorite haunt for a meditation-lover. But it carries that smell of the old world and still has a lingering presence of the old-fashioned hippies who once roamed this territory. The best thing about Anjuna beach is its Flea Market which is held every Wednesday. Though some other beaches in Goa also offer commercial shopping facilities, the Flea Market is one of its kinds. The local vendors sell virtually everything that you can ask for. Buying something really cheap won’t be a problem, given that your bargaining skills are excellent.

Anjuna Beach is replete with every facility one can think of. Right from internet café to restaurants to ATM machines, almost every facility is available nearby. Besides, the food here is simple awesome. These holiday packages are highly demanded by foodies because of the variety of cuisines that Goa can offer to an average foodaholic.

Anjuna also enjoys a great nightlife with recreational places like Paradiso and Curly’s. Anjuna is just one of the many Goa beaches. Make sure to book your Goa flights from Delhi and Delhi to Goa flights in advance, if you’re planning to have fun at this scenic heaven this winter.


How to Get Into Magnetizing Chennai from Delhi

One of the most vibrant, energetic and picturesque towns in South India is Chennai. The capital and main cultural center of Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Chennai has a unique lure that leaves a long-lasting impression on visitor’s mind. Abundance of natural beauty ensure travelers quality time with their family or friends, while magnetizing structures and monuments take them to vivacity of rich cultures and interesting history of the city. Marina Beach in Chennai is the second largest beach in the world, and is a great place for fun & frolic. Along with captivating panorama of Arabian Sea, an excellent range of water sports can be enjoyed here. Scrumptious weather and modern recreations give travelers a generous dose of romance. Overall, Chennai is an exclusive town of Tamil Nadu and a must-tourist spot in India.

When it comes to how to reach Chennai from Delhi, plenty of options are there to choose from. Distance between these two major metropolises at the subcontinent is about 2283 km, which can be covered by all three important means of transport: road, rail and air. By train, it takes around 32 hours to cover this distance. It’s therefore air travelling is the most convenient and feasible way to reach Chennai from Delhi. Considering the frequency of travelers on this route, a number of airlines offer flight services on regular basis. Renowned players of Indian aviation industry including Go Air, Spice Jet, IndiGo and Air India offer Delhi to Chennai flights at reasonable rates.

Trains to Chennai depart from mainly New Delhi and Nizamudin Railways station, while Delhi to Chennai flights take off from Indira Gandhi airport. When booking for Delhi flights from Chennai hotels or other travel services, dealing with a reliable travel portal is recommended.


Bangalore India Medical Tourism – Growing By Leafs and Bounds

‘Medical tourism’ or ‘Health Tourism’ is a term consisting of the travel taken for health care and relaxation. Disappointed and frustrated by mundane routine, people seek for relax and rejuvenation for their body & brain, and this is where need for health tourism emerges. However, a number of other procedures such as cosmetic surgery, beauty-enhancing treatments and other health-care facilities are also the part of medical tourism.

India has making news as one of the hot ‘medical tourism’ destinations around the globe. Following the footsteps, or may be at par, with several other countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Greece and South Africa, India has seen a tremendous growth in this segment. This tourism sector provides healthcare to somewhere between 1 lack to 1.5 lack patients every year, and it’s expected to rise by 25% (in revenue) in upcoming years.

There are several destinations in India, popular for Ayurveda tourism, and Kerala, also known as the God’s own country, is being heralded as the next global health care destination. Apart from that Bangalore is also famous for offering high-quality medicinal treatments at very reasonable rates.  The Silicon Valley of India is home to various reputed hospitals and clinics, which ensure travelers yielding first-hand experience of quality medical tourism. Moreover, Bangalore has a sizeable pool of highly trained doctors and other healthcare professionals to provide the best of medical care in India. Superior nursing care and personalized attention give patients more remarkable experience.

Visiting Bangalore for medical tourism, you better booking your accommodation well in advance. Bangalore hotels can easily be booked online. Similarly, Bangalore to Delhi flights and Delhi to Bangalore flights other travel facilities can be arranged using your home or office internet.


Important Factors to Remember if Planning Air Travel with Kids

No doubt, travelling with kids can be a daunting task, as they are sometimes very hard to handle, some tips and suggestions can help you overcome this problem very effectively. So, the ones planning to travel with their kids can read below. This will truly be a great help to them.

Teach your kids the manner: It always makes difference to train your kids about how to behave when travelling. Tell them about plane rules, show them pictures and guide them about what should they do during travel.

Pack a few of the favorite things that your kids love to spend time with. If he loves to get engaged with gadgets, that’s a plus for you, as electronics are easy to carry. Most of the children are prone to eat gradually; so you better packing some snacks, their favorite ones, in your travel bag. Carrying their favorite toy will let them enjoy their-self.

Try to make your kid feel comfortable. Many children get afraid of flying, and start crying even when they reach airports. So it’s better to be engaged with them and tell them good flying. And don’t leave them unattended on airport, and try to keep them happy all the way.

If possible, ask for a window seat for your kid, and fix yours next to him. In this way, he wouldn’t be allowed to annoy the fellow passenger.

Don’t book your flight or reach airport last minute, as being in hurry can put your kid under pressure. And he would find the situation unacceptable. Whether you book Delhi to Goa flights or Mumbai flights, make sure to book them early. This could make you have a hassle-free and reasonable holiday at beaches in Goa or Mumbai.


How to Book Cheap Flights to Delhi Online?

Booking a flight to Delhi or anywhere else in the world was never as easy as it is today. There are countless of websites, including those of airlines, which offer online booking facility, ensuring easy and hassle-free reservation of flights to Delhi. It’s however important that you book your deals through a reliable source. This blog gives a set of tips on how to book cheap flight to Delhi online.

Fix your requirement, and decide the date on which you need travel.

Start searching online. Use the key phrase ‘cheap flights to Delhi’ to get relevant result on search engine like Google. Check through some reliable travel portals and determine which offer cheapest deals for flights. Delhi is an important city in India; hence you will find a large number of options to choose from.

After deciding the web portal to book your flight, start with booking process.  Enter your departure city, date of flying and the city (Delhi) where you’re going. Once you click on ‘Check Availability’, you will be offered with all options available for that particular date. Now check out which option suits you the best. It’s easy to decide so, because you’ll find the flight options available with complete detail including time of departure, price, class and the time to reach the destination.

Now you can book your flight entering the required detail like your name, address, contact number and payment detail. Review your booking detail before finalizing the deal. Most often, users get confirmation mail or massage from the airline. You better confirm it through calling the agent or airline authority.

The same process can be used for booking flights Delhi to Mumbai or anywhere else in the world.

Thailand Travel: The Winter Special

Travelling has different meaning for different people. For some, it’s to listen to the waves, climbing to high up to snow-laden peaks and embracing the wilderness of tropical jungles, while others take it an opportunity to admire historical treasures and cultural bounties. No matter which category you lie in, Thailand is a perfect place to satiate your fancy to the core. The Southeast Asia’s premium tourist spot with over 10 million visitors every year, Thailand has an irresistible charm that never fed up from traveler’s mind. It is a land of impressive geographical diversity, inspiring cultures & history and enjoyable modernization. Visiting Thailand during winters give travelers a unique and memorable holiday experience.

There are some reasons to decide winter is not the right time for Thailand tour: bustling streets, the exorbitant airfare and the work pressure etc. But there are more reasons to decide it is still worth the effort and expense such as amazing carnivals, delicious weather, graceful history (year-round) and unending fun & entertainment. Winter is even the best time to soak the beauty of Thai beaches and enjoy water sports there. Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok turn extremely delightful during winters, especially near Christmas and New Year. Remarkable historical tour to Chiang Mai is also best to take in winter season. For the thrill-seekers, unspoiled beaches and idyllic islands of Peninsular South Thailand offer unforgettable experience.

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, offers outstanding opportunities for foodies and shopping during this peak tourist season. Club, hotels and even restaurants in the city offer thriving atmosphere and leave visitors mesmerized. Demand for Bangkok packages increases sharply at this time. It’s therefore advisable to book your travel facilities for Bangkok tour in advance.


Goa Tour Packages: 5 Special Places to Visit Under Goa Holiday Packages

Goa, without any dispute or argument, is the best place in India to tour. It can entertain with its ritzy restaurants, shacks, hotels, cruise and casino; and it can fill you with joy with its charming beaches, waterfalls, churches and lakes. Goa packages, inclusive of Delhi to Goa flights, can give you the kind of thrill which is a stuff of all your dreams.

Here are 5 special places that you must visit under your holiday at beaches in Goa:

Panaji: Panaji is the capital city of Goa and a wonderful place renowned for its photogenic ambience and historical treasure troves. With an array of museums, churches and beaches lined up to welcome the guests, Panaji is a definite must-visit during your trip. The town is situated by the Mandovi River which is quite famous for its cuisine ride.

Margao: If you wish to take a look at the colonial face of Goa (once colonized by Portuguese), then a visit to Margoa must not be missed. The place has many remnants of Portuguese artistry like churches and villages which will allure you completely.

Arambol: Arambol epitomizes serenity and solace. A small fishing village, its hot spring and soulful beaches can leave a permanent mark on the heart.

Vasco Da Gama: Vasco Da Gama is another historical place where you get to see old churches, temples, forts and caves. Most Goa tour packages include this place in their schedule.

Canacona: A less popular destination but nevertheless an exciting one, Canacona is for those who won’t mind taking photographs of swimming dolphins.

To book your cheap flight to Goa, start browsing through vacation packages.


Darjeeling tourism – A Land Amidst Natural Fascinations

Darjeeling in West Bengal has been serving as a gateway to some of the most scenic and beautiful landscapes of the Indian subcontinent. A Darjeeling tour can be defined as a holiday in lap of nature, and is always a unique experience for backpackers. Surrounded by majestic Himalayan peaks, lush green forests and shimmering streams & waterfalls, Darjeeling is one of the most popular hill stations in India.

Darjeeling was just a little hilly town before it was developed as a hill station and tea plantation area during British Raj, thanks to its cooler temperature and easy mountainous slopes.  Today, the town is a world-renowned tea producer, supplying high-quality tea to the countries across the world. It’s also known for traditional handcrafts and dry fruits. The easy-paced lifestyle, warm friendly people and interesting cultures & cuisines here will make you fall in love with this city.

The most enchanting thing that Darjeeling tourism is known for is the breathtaking views of mountain ranges like Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest. However, exciting adventures like rock-climbing, trekking and camping are added slices of intense pleasures for visitors, especially the ones with thrill-seeking nature. The points of interest for travelers to Darjeeling include the ropeway and cable car rides, the natural history museum, the zoological parks and botanical gardens. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway with its toy train, designated as a World Heritage Site, is another must-try attraction here.

Getting into this natural heaven is not a hassle anymore. The town is connected to Siliguri by road and to New Jalpaiguri by rail. Booking a Darjeeling tour package gives you a stress-free experience. Booking of Darjeeling packages and Darjeeling hotels is possible through Internet.


Earning when Travelling? Is It Possible?

It has been a dream for everyone to travelling around the world. But many of them find it as hard as sailing through a sea with a small boat. Simply because travelling costs a lot and if you’re travelling how could you earn to live on?

Well, I’m a writer with 9-6 job, and travel on weekends or some special holiday plans. But I knew a number of people who manage to travel and live abroad continuously without no 9-6 job.

Okay, now the question that emerges is – how is it possible? When I talk to them, and even I know it quite certainly, I found that travelling and earning can be done simultaneously. You can make money from your laptop, regardless of where you’re in the world. They even stated it with proof that their income is actually higher now than it was when they were with permanent job.

Surprised? Don’t be! There several ways online you can make money while travelling and living the way you want. Searching online, you can find a number of companies offering freelancing projects. And if you work with quality and punctuality, some companies even consider you a permanent employee who can work from home. The companies dealing in travel prefer to hire writer who are of nomadic nature. This can benefit both the company as well as the writer. As a writer, you can pen down quality about a destination if you feel and experience it personally. For instance, you’re on Andaman tour, you would be ease writing about their cultures, people attractions and other travel related material.

Apart from that, you can work as a developer, designer or some other profiles that need to work online. You just need have a laptop and you can give the work from home. In this way, you can earn without going to office. For booking the best among Andaman packages, search through the reputed travel portals online.

Delhi, Agra and Chandigarh Hotels: Visit Hot North Indian Destinations

The northern part of India has some enigmatic cities which will make every traveler fall in love with these places. Delhi and Agra, with their locales and top-class Delhi hotels & Agra hotels, have always been a favorite with foreigners. But Chandigarh is now also catching up fast since the city can punch in a lot of greenery alongside posh malls. In recent years, the city has also witnessed growth of gaudy Chandigarh hotels which exist side by side along with cheaper lodges.

The cities may be appealing and have all facilities to delight every guest, yet you cannot let fate take control of your hotel bookings. Do not leave things to chance. It would be strictly advisable to book the hotels in advance either through the internet on by buying a tour package or making a special request to the travel agencies.

Delhi enjoys special status in the hearts of every backpacker. Sites like Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Iron Pillar, Chandni Chowk Market and India Gate have been waiting there for centuries reveling several generations of tourists. Top Delhi hotels can be slightly expensive but you can get discounts by booking an entire Delhi tour package.

Agra is not far away and, like Delhi, has enjoyed political patronage in the past. The Taj Mahal is the one chief reason why this city will always be a hit destination. But other sites like Fatehpur Sikri and Moti Mahal add to its historical charm. For a comfortable stay in Agra hotels, make sure to book them well before in advance.

Chandigarh, the green paradise of Punjab, is always an interesting proposition with places like Leisure Valley, Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Botanical Garden and Rose Garden to explore. Good Chandigarh hotels include names like The Piccadily and Hotel Sunbeam.


Delhi to Bangalore Flights and Bangalore Hotels: Things to See In 1 Day

Bangalore is a city which has modeled itself perfectly after the flashy 21st century sophisticated cities. It is fast and modern yet the abundance of green space lends it a heart-rending uniqueness. Bangalore hotels are receiving guests from all over the world, and not just from India, since the city has some of the best gardens in the country and also some top-class historical sites. For those traveling from the capital city, Delhi to Bangalore flights is easily available and can be booked in advance.

In case, you are visiting Bangalore just for 1 day, here is what to do:

Bangalore loves its green spaces and the Cubbon Park is a perfect testimony to it. It is a huge park which has some of the most amazing botanical species. It also houses some historic and architecturally delightful buildings. Your trip to Bangalore will be fruitless without visiting this garden of fruit-laden trees. Cubbon Park will increase your thirst for botanic species and hence, your next stop should be Lal Bagh.

After exploring the beauty of these gardens, you must also check out the Tipu Sultan Palace. It is not just a monument reminding us of the past but also works like a museum wherein you can devour on the artifacts and information about Tipu Sultan, the Mysore king. Next, you must check out Vidhan Soudha. It is a testimony to the artistic excellence. Built in 1965, this site deserves a visit even if you are heading to the city for 1 day.

To make your stay comfortable, be ready to book Bangalore hotels and Delhi hotels in advance and to confirm your Delhi to Bangalore flights.


Darjeeling and Bangalore Hotels: Take Perfect Repose at Perfect Destinations

Going to Darjeeling can be a special feeling. This is so because the panoramic hill station is a brilliant reminder of our chaste and natural past. It’s not that the town lacks in any basic amenity. It has luxurious Darjeeling hotels alongside some top-class resorts. But the natural abundance and grandeur will be a blissful escape from the concretes of metropolitan cities.

Darjeeling falls in the state of West Bengal and is very close to the city of Kolkata. If you reside in the eastern part of India, then traveling to Darjeeling can be quickly and easily arranged. Even if you live in the other corners of the country, you must someday come to this place for experiencing its wealth of nature. With the Kanchenjunga making its presence felt and the Tiger Hill showing you the best sunrise on the planet, this Himalayan hill station makes for an exotic and incredibly romantic holiday.

Places like Mall Road, Darjeeling Zoo, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Kali Temple, Ghoom and Lake Mirik (only a few miles away) are real delights. And the Darjeeling hotels know the art of keeping their guests happy and satisfied.

Bangalore, in the south of India, is another hot destination known for its flowery gardens and open parks. Despite being a metro city and a heavily populated one as well, the city boasts of verdant gardens like Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh (must visit attractions). Most of the Bangalore hotels also give you open lounges and some even have strolling grounds attached with their premise.

Bangalore is the capital of the state of Karnataka and comes with the wonders of Wonder La, the magic of Mysore Palace, the spiritualism of Bull Temple, and the serenity of Bannerghatta National Park. The city with its glowing beauty, incandescent neon lights and flashy Bangalore hotels can perfectly complement your Darjeeling holiday.


Delhi to Bangalore Flights and Bangalore Hotels: Things to See in One Day

Bangalore is a city which has modeled itself perfectly after the flashy 21st century sophisticated cities. It is fast and modern yet the abundance of green space lends it a heart-rending uniqueness. Bangalore hotels are receiving guests from all over the world, and not just from India, since the city has some of the best gardens in the country and also some top-class historical sites. For those traveling from the capital city, Delhi to Bangalore flights and Bangalore to Delhi flights is easily available and can be booked in advance.

In case, you are visiting Bangalore just for 1 day, here is what to do:

Bangalore loves its green spaces and the Cubbon Park is a perfect testimony to it. It is a huge park which has some of the most amazing botanical species. It also houses some historic and architecturally delightful buildings. Your trip to Bangalore will be fruitless without visiting this garden of fruit-laden trees. Cubbon Park will increase your thirst for botanic species and hence, your next stop should be Lal Bagh.

After exploring the beauty of these gardens, you must also check out the Tipu Sultan Palace. It is not just a monument reminding us of the past but also works like a museum wherein you can devour on the artifacts and information about Tipu Sultan, the Mysore king. Next, you must check out Vidhan Soudha. It is a testimony to the artistic excellence. Built in 1965, this site deserves a visit even if you are heading to the city for 1 day.

To make your stay comfortable, be ready to book Bangalore hotels in advance and to confirm your Delhi to Bangalore flights.


Darjeeling and Bangalore Hotels: Take Perfect Repose at Perfect Destinations

Going to Darjeeling can be a special feeling. This is so because the panoramic hill station is a brilliant reminder of our chaste and natural past. It’s not that the town lacks in any basic amenity. It has luxurious Darjeeling hotels alongside some top-class resorts. But the natural abundance and grandeur will be a blissful escape from the concretes of metropolitan cities.

Darjeeling falls in the state of West Bengal and is very close to the city of Kolkata. If you reside in the eastern part of India, then traveling to Darjeeling can be quickly and easily arranged. Even if you live in the other corners of the country, you must someday come to this place for experiencing its wealth of nature. With the Kanchenjunga making its presence felt and the Tiger Hill showing you the best sunrise on the planet, this Himalayan hill station makes for an exotic and incredibly romantic holiday.

Places like Mall Road, Darjeeling Zoo, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Kali Temple, Ghoom and Lake Mirik (only a few miles away) are real delights. And the Darjeeling hotels know the art of keeping their guests happy and satisfied.

Bangalore, in the south of India, is another hot destination known for its flowery gardens and open parks. Despite being a metro city and a heavily populated one as well, the city boasts of verdant gardens like Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh (must visit attractions). Most of the Bangalore hotels also give you open lounges and some even have strolling grounds attached with their premise.

Bangalore is the capital of the state of Karnataka and comes with the wonders of Wonder La, the magic of Mysore Palace, the spiritualism of Bull Temple, and the serenity of Bannerghatta National Park. The city with its glowing beauty, incandescent neon lights and flashy Bangalore hotels can perfectly complement your Darjeeling holiday.


Chennai to Delhi Flights: Advantages of Flights Over Train Journeys

If you are traveling to Delhi, then be prepared and willing to book a flight. Gone are the days when flight tickets used to be unaffordable. Owing to a healthy competition between the airlines, the price of domestic flights has plummeted. A cheap flight to Delhi is now easily available and can also be booked online in advance to save further.

Another reason why you must consider flying by a plane is that you save a lot of time. Consider the scenario when you are traveling to Delhi from Chennai. Since both the cities are in two extreme ends of India, a train journey will easily eat up around 2 days of your itinerary. On the other hand, you can reach your destination in a matter of few hours via Chennai to Delhi flights. Some may argue that a common man may not be able to afford a flight expense and will, hence, have to do with a train journey and its grueling hours. However, as stated above, the flight prices have come down heavily these days. Hence, there won’t be any significant difference in the prices. A cheap flight to Delhi presently can be availed for a rate as low as Rs 1500. On the contrary, the train ticket prices are shooting up. You will have to shell out Rs 2,000 or more if you are traveling in an A/C coach. Therefore, it is pretty much clear that a plane journey is almost as price-pinching as a train journey and not more!

Again, Chennai to Delhi flights will ensure comfort and luxury. The hospitality by top-class air hostesses, a pleasant ambience and hygienic food make your flight smooth and enjoyable. In contrast, a train journey is time-consuming, much more hassling and not very comfortable. Plus, chances of delays are always more in case of trains. So, the next time you head for a Delhi tour, be sure to book a flight.


Andaman Tour Promises You an Exhilarating Time In Lap Of Nature

In today’s monotonous life, where everybody is busy doing their own daily stuffs, travelling is the best way to distress. And taking a tour to the natural bounties serves this purpose perfectly. Dotted with scintillating beaches, dark mystic woods, lofty hills and fascinating waterways, Andaman Island is a perfect destination for have a holiday in arms of nature.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands consist of several small islands, some of them are too small to consider, and is situated in the Bay of Bengal. It was an isolated territory a couple of decades ago, was not very popular among travelers. But recently, the island emerges a thriving eco-tourism zone and allures tourists from far and wide. And reason behind the fact is – the island offers a wonderful mix of nature, culture and adventure, which is almost impossible to see anywhere else on this earth.

Taking Andaman tour to, you can’t afford to miss its historical attractions, especially the Cellular Jail in port Blair. Once a dreadful name for Indians, where Indian freedom fighters were sentenced, this historical landmark is today one of the most visited tourist attractions at the island. Havelock Island offers captivating natural vistas and a range of water sports including scuba diving and snorkeling. Cultural tour to a tribe village at the Island also offers joyous experience. Apart from that, there’s a lot to do and see during an Andaman tour. Opt for scuba diving and explore the island’s underwater world full of exotic aqua life. Uncover mystic & untainted forests packed with rich flora & fauna. Take a good game of beach volleyball to make your day more interesting. And so on.

Whatever you choose to do, Andaman tour will remove your worries completely. Taking one of custom-made Andaman packages from a reliable source, you make your trip more delightful.


Shopping in Bangalore and Luxurious Bangalore Hotels

Bangalore is a lovely city in Karnataka, famous for its ever-growing IT industry, scintillating gardens & parks and gorgeous cultures. The city has been a much sought after holiday destination, especially for tech-curious souls and culture enthusiasts. However, endless shopping opportunities and luxurious hotels in the city also leave a mark on traveler’s mind.

With huge shopping malls, gleaming plazas and colorful local markets, Bangalore allows shopaholics to satiate their fancy to the core. The city offers a wide variety of traditional and contemporary items to choose from. Even you may be confused by the sheer variety of things on sale. Some of the most famous shopping spots in Bangalore are the Brigade Road, Commercial Street and the MG Road.

Brigade Road is frequented mainly by young crowds. There are branded showrooms for garment, footwear and jewelry shopping. Besides this, the place offers great shopping for wooden furniture, antique jewelry, printed fabrics and saris too. Commercial Street has a long stretches of shopping arcades selling everything from colorful attires to antiquities and fashionable jewelries to handicrafts. MG Road is a must-visit if you’re looking for shopping of saris, with famous sari emporiums like the Deepam Silks and Prasiddhi being situated there.

Luxury Bangalore hotels: The city has galore options for those seeking a stay with ultimate luxury and hospitality. 5-star properties in the city offer the best of dining, business facilities and recreational amenities to their guests. Some much-preferred hotels in luxurious category include Golden Palms Spa and Resort, the Grand Ashok Hotel, ITC Hotel Windsor Sheraton & Towers, the Leela Palace Kempinski Hotel and Le Meridien Hotel. Now with online booking facility, you can reserve Bangalore hotels or Bangalore to Delhi flights conveniently from your home.


Adventure Sports You Can Savor At Andaman Tour

Adventure activities entice young generation more than anything else. And obviously, adventure tour offers them enchanting memories that they will cherish forever. Andaman Island, an isolated territory in the heart of Bay of Bengal, is a paradise for intrepid explorers.

Long sandy beaches, isolated islands, virgin forests, verdant hill and lovely waterways constitute Andamans, making it truly a natural heaven. Plenty of beaches & islands here offer almost all types of water sports like water skiing, sailing, surfing and scuba diving. Water sports complexes have been established to ensure adventure-lovers safe and pleasurable excursion. The beauty and mystery of underwater world of Andaman attracts a large number of scuba divers from across the world. Havelock Island at Andaman is one of the finest diving spots in Asia.

Island camping is another delightful activity one can enjoy during Andaman tour. Stunning views of sun-rise and sun-set, cool pristine environment, heart-touching scenery of beaches and lush green forests – camping at Adman islands gives an experience of a lifetime. Associated activities like bird-watching and forest trailing add more spices to this adventure. If you love modest trekking with your friends, Andaman gives you endless of opportunity to satiate your fancy. Mount Harriet and Madhuban hill are great option for trekkers packed of rich flora and fauna.

Apart from that, the island offers great opportunities for wildlife safari and water rafting. The best time to plan adventurous Andaman tour is between October and April. You can plan your tour with a reputed travel agency to make it spicier. Plenty of Andaman packages are offered to varying needs and budget of travelers.

3 Easy Steps to Book Chandigarh, Delhi and Agra Hotels

If you are heading to Chandigarh, then apart from making your flight bookings, you would also need to book Chandigarh hotels in advance. Chandigarh may not be the hottest tourist destination in the country but is growing in popularity. Delhi and Agra are other two cities which enjoy immense popularity chiefly due to their historical importance. Delhi hotels are known for their Ritz and class while Agra is the abode of Taj Mahal. Therefore, the Agra hotels too are pretty much full during the peak season.

Here are 3 easy steps to make bookings for your Delhi, Agra and Chandigarh hotels:

Look up for a tour operator on the net: Some tourists make the mistake of making their bookings on their own without seeking professional help. This can be a serious mistake since you lose a lot of time and money over arranging and confirming your bookings. Plus, it will steal your peace of mind and can become quite hassling. The more preferred alternative will be to look up on the net for an experienced travel agent or tour operator.

Give a call and make your requirements clear: You will find the contact details of the tour operator on its website. You can thereafter shoot a quick e-mail or better make a call to explain about your travel plans. After hearing out your requirement, the Company will advise you about the good, not-so-good, luxurious and budgeted Delhi hotels and hotels of Agra and Chandigarh.

Customized requirement: If you have any special requirement then you can always make such a request. Furthermore, alongside booking of your Agra hotels, you can also buy an entire Agra tour package for convenience and economy.


Srinagar Sightseeing and Shimla Hotels: Go For a Fairy Tale Holiday

As a child you must have read about those captivating places in fairy tales and children’s lore! And you must have craved to head to such a destination! Srinagar, a hill station in northern India, can give you that feeling of being in a fairyland. The hills of this city present a romantic climate, the lakes offer you a hypnotic view of the surroundings and the Srinagar hotels give you a cozy shelter at the end of the day!

Srinagar’s relentless charm is hard to define through words. Perhaps, one needs to take a shikara ride on the silvery Dal Lake to experience what it is to be in this heavenly town; perhaps, one needs to walk over the green carpet of Shalimar Garden to soak in the blissful nectar which this flowery destination offers; perhaps, one needs to visit the Shankaracharya Temple and the Jama Masjid mosque to witness the cosmopolitanism of this town!

Srinagar has plenty of attractions, great Srinagar hotels, numerous outdoor activities and a heart-warming ambience. One can easily call it the best honeymoon destination in India!

Shimla, another hill station, is another dream place which too will remind you of fairy tales and love stories. This Himachal Pradesh town is a potpourri of forests, orchards, hills, temples, churches, markets and Shimla hotels. Places like Kufri are really magical since they give you plenty of snow to play with. Activities like ice skiing and skating are something which will bring out the sleeping child from within you. Christ Church is a marvelous glass-stained and nostalgia-evoking church while the Jakhoo Temple is a very devout and panoramically located Hindu temple.

The Mall, Scandal Point, Gaiety Theatre, Viceregal Lodge and some interesting museums and markets will make your trip a wholesome one. And the presence of luxurious Shimla hotels is always a comforting thought for a tourist who is pining for some good food and delicious cocktails.


Delhi to Bangalore Flights: 3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Bangalore

Bangalore is fast becoming one of the most coveted tourist destinations in India. Thanks to development in the past few years, this city has taken a giant leap towards modernization. Gleaming malls, luxurious Bangalore hotels and giant hoardings reflect the ostentation of the city. Even the Delhi to Bangalore flights are now carrying a lot more passengers than they used to.

For the cynics who are wondering why they should go to Bangalore, we give you three top reasons:

Gardens: Bangalore is officially India’s Garden City. If you are fond of greenery and open spaces and have an interest in rare biological species, then Bangalore is the perfect place for you to head to. Cubbon Park houses some of the magical wonders from the plant kingdom. Then there is Lal Bagh, another delightfully charming garden which is thronged by tourists in large numbers. With countless gardens and parks all around you, you shall surely feel at the top of the sky. As they say in Hindi, ‘dil garden garden ho jayega’!

A Peek into History: Catch Delhi to Bangalore flights to take a quick peek into the chapters of Indian history. If Delhi, Agra and Jaipur throw you into the Mughal and Rajput era, then Bangalore can give you a glimpse of the rulers and kings of south India. The Tipu Sultan Palace is a special attraction. The palace gets coalesced into a museum to give you a peep into the life of the brave warrior.

Culture: Bangalore trip is also your passport into a world which has a very good fusion of culture. Even at your Bangalore hotels and Delhi hotels, you are likely to come across tourists from various parts of the country. But once you step outside to meet the locals, you will find that they hail from various nooks of India and have flown to the city for educational or job purpose.


Book Chennai Flights and Stay in Darjeeling Hotels for a Fusion Holiday

Have you ever been to a fusion holiday? India’s powerful and endless geo-diversity makes it possible for tourists to fulfill all their traveling dreams. Yes, it is true that the country has a number of holiday places and you are always spoilt for choice as to where to head to. But with the help of a tour operator (like Hungry Bags) you can now sail for a fusion holiday wherein you can club two destinations together. For instance, if you are planning a 7-day holiday, you can stay in Chennai for 3 days and spend the remaining 4 days of the week in Darjeeling. A smart travel operator will not just offer you such a package but will complement it with cheapest Chennai flights and bookings of the best Darjeeling hotels.

So, why should you choose Chennai and Darjeeling? While selecting a ‘fusion holiday’ it is important, though not necessary, to select contradictory destinations! If Chennai is a beachside destination with regaling beaches, then Darjeeling is a top-class hill station with a very cool climate; if Chennai can mesmerize you with its cosmopolitan culture, then Darjeeling will hypnotize you with its breathtaking views of Kanchenjunga and other mountains; if Chennai is a bustling metro city, then Darjeeling is a silent and quieter corner with a romantic ambience.

Popular attractions of Chennai include churches, temples, markets and of course several beaches including the Marina Beach (the world’s 2nd longest beach). Darjeeling presents before you The Mall, Tiger Hill, Kali Temple, Darjeeling Zoo, Ropeway, Ghoom, Toytrain and other delights.

A fusion holiday is the best way to make the most of your sabbatical. Only a top-class travel agent can give you the best deals with Chennai flights and bookings of Chennai and Darjeeling hotels.


Bangalore to Delhi Flights: How to Book the Cheapest Ticket

Bangalore and Delhi are two fascinating cities in India and attract footfalls in huge numbers throughout the year. Not just the tourists, but these metro cities are also visited by industrialists for commercial purposes. Bangalore to Delhi flights enjoys a massive demand and so do Delhi to Bangalore flights. Be it a student or a teacher or a businessman or a tourist, one often has to regularly use these services.

So, how to book the cheapest ticket? Here is a brief idea:

You have to make your decision depending on the purpose of your visit. In general, lot of travelers travel to these cities for mere sightseeing. If you are heading to Bangalore via Delhi for having a vacation, then a reliable tour operator will be your best and cheapest source for booking Delhi to Bangalore flights. These tour operators have good connections and relations with flight operators and hotels. Thus, they usually make bookings in bulk and hence get massive discounts. They pass off a certain percentage of the discount to their clients so that they too can get tickets at cheaper prices. So, sightseers and backpackers often make flight bookings with the help of these professional travel agents.

On the other hand, if you travel to these places for business purpose, then you should ideally travel during the weekdays and preferably by late-night flights which are quite cheap as compared to day-time flights.

Besides, you need to keep your eye open and look for deals and discounts which are often proffered by several airlines and companies. Bangalore to Delhi flights can also be booked a few weeks in advance for getting very good discounts.


Visit the Hotels in Katra and Puri

Katra is most renowned as the holy pilgrimage for the Vaishodevi temple. Many devotees prefer to walk barefoot the hilltop temple as it is a chance a purify yourself to get the blessings of Ma Vashnodevi. There are many Katra hotels which provide the tourists with comfortable accommodations at modest budgets. The 10 kilometres distance to the Vaishnodevi temple can be covered on foot. One can even book a helicopter from the travel desk of the hotel. People who cannot walk far need not be disappointed.  You can reach the temple on horseback or even avail of a manual carriage or charpai. The information about the services and cost prices of the Katra hotels can be looked up on the internet.

Puri houses the ancient temple of Lord Jagannath. Some of the famous Puri hotels on Chakratirtha Road are mentioned here. A fabulous deluxe hotel, Hotel Rockbay provides luxuriously furnished air conditioned rooms at reasonable rates of nineteen hundred and fifty rupees. There is a superb restaurant and a travel desk to recruit conveyance facilities. You can keep your valuables in a safe deposit locker. Hotel Holiday Resort prides itself on being one of the loveliest Puri hotels on the beach. There are air conditioned rooms with a magnificent view of the endless sea. The customer also enjoys a refreshing dip into the luxurious swimming pool. There is a Jacuzzi and a multi cuisine restaurant. The sum of two thousand rupees as room charge will make your stay at this hotel memorable.


Visit Goa and Delhi Through Reputed Airlines

The tourist locations in the country include Goa and Delhi as they are well linked via various airplanes flying daily. The city of Delhi has historical monuments of Qutub Minar and Red Fort as major tourist lures. Shopping spots include Lajpat Nagar and the Greater Kailash. If you wish to pick up exquisite craftwork set foot in Cottage Emporium. The places of religious relevance are the Hanuman Mandir, Birla Temple, Jama Masjid and the ISKCON temple. Should you wish to book the flights from Delhi to Goa simply visit an online travel website and access relevant details. These days there has been a massive increase in the tourism industry because of the reduced ticket costs as more and more people are opting to travel to attractive tourist locations.   The India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhawan and Parliament Building are worth visiting. Travelling from Delhi to Goa flights can also be a delightful experience.

Goa is a superb place which attracts both national and international tourists with the same fervor. The worldwide acclaim achieved by the Basilica of the Born Jesus church which has preserved with great respect the mortal remains of the revered St. Francis Xaviers is a salutation to this cool destination. Some of the lively action packed beaches includes Anjuna beach, Colva beach, Palolem beach and the Miramar beach. One can enjoy scubadiving and windsailing and fabulous moonlight parties. The Goa to Delhi flights can be booked via travel websites. Some noteworthy economical flights are Jet Airways, Kingfisher and Indian Airlines.


Update Yourself with Recent Travel Details

Vacation time just round the corner. Don’t dally, and try to access well researched travel information to the destination of your choice via the travel websites. Want to get hot deals or attractive fringes on your vacation? Well, just see the holiday packages that are offered online and talk to travel agents. We take a vacation to chill out and enjoy ourselves from the monotony of our daily life and if we get a superb vacation at low cost cuts on transport and lodgings that is even more fun for us.

Suppose you wish to get away from a brief weekend but have to think twice because of the travel expenses. Well your worries can be put to rest now. The online hot deals or golden prospects of travelling cheap are really in these days via the superb vacation packages. Do not think that they come in only a solo kind of tourist budget. First pick the destination of your choice, choose a hotel and then look it up on the internet. Sometimes the travel location is extremely crowded during summer, winter or the rains so it is best to make an advance booking.

A travel guide is your best friend when you are in a new city. It outlines the basic summary of the place like the language, customs, native lifestyles, food habits, recreational activities, the local attractions and other attractive privileges if any. So next time you have a holiday plan a superb trip and enjoy a memorable vacation.


Detailed Description about Flights to Metropolitan Cities

Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are the major metropolitan cities which are well connected via the aerial route. Delhi is a prominent tourist location which also provides valuable insight into the historical background of India. One can visit the superbly constructed Red Fort and the Qutub Minar which remains the acclaimed historical monuments. The Hanuman Mandir is where the devout followers gather in throngs.

The Birla Mandir and the ISKCON temple are two other places of religious significance. Are you a shopping freak? Then come to Lajpat Nagar for great stuff at cool discounts. Want to fly to Chennai? There a number of Delhi to Chennai flights available including Air Sahara, Kingfisher, Jagson Airlines, Indus Air, Paramount and many others.  Switch on your laptop and just browse through the travel websites for flight schedules and ticket rates. Once you set foot in Chennai, visit the Government Museum to know the history of the city. If you respect each religion the Thousand Lights Mosque is situated on the Anna Salai Road. Among the famous beaches are the Covelong beach and the Marina beach. Other places to visit include the Parthasarathy temple and the Snake Park. The lip smacking dishes like the dosas and idlis are sampled enthusiastically by the tourists.

Mumbai has the legendary Gateway of India and numerous beaches like the Juhu and Chowpathy beach. Ganesh Chaturthi is a major festival celebrated on a large scale. The Prince of Wales Museum provides an elaborate insight into the historical significance. The cheapest flights to Mumbai include Spice Jet and Kingfisher which charge moderately less for tickets.


Chennai and Mumbai- Happening Places

There are prominent tourist destinations in the south. Many Chennai flights are available throughout the major destinations of the country. Some well-known airlines include Jagson Airlines, Go Air, Kingfisher Red, Jet Konnect, Alliance Air, Air Deccan, Spice Jet and Air India airlines. If you are not sure about which airline to avail of check out the travel websites. The flight schedules and ticket reservations would be at your fingertips. The staff on board, the air hostesses and the flight attendant welcomes you heartily and provide great services.

There are multiple cuisine and beverages for you to take your pick from. If you book your tickets well in advance and the return tickets are booked simultaneously then great price reductions can be availed of. One can enjoy complimentary meals on the airplane, relax and watch the films shown on the inbuilt entertainment system. Some of the places in scintillating Chennai are the St. George Fort, Thousand Lights Mosque on Anna Salai road and the Parthasarathy temple. Cove long beach and the Marina beach are major tourist attractions.

Mumbai monitors national and international flights with great fervor. If the passenger wishes to book a cheap flight to Mumbai then avail of the economy class flights which provide cool cost cuts. The air ticket has to be booked much before the journey. If you reserve your hotel accommodation, a further twenty to thirty percent discount is there. There are tourist packages generally for a couple but can be extended up to one or more people for customer convenience.

Manali and Bangkok – Adrenaline Pumping Holidays like None Other

Adventure sports enthusiasts have a whole universe to explore right on earth. There are so many places which offer exciting opportunities that you will never find enough time to experience all of them. Another factor is cost. When you plan to go to international locations to enjoy the thrill of adrenaline, you also have to shell out a lot of money. So, if you are looking for an enjoyable adventure filled holiday which is reasonably affordable, you have two options. Firstly, Manali is a great place in India which is affordable and offers varied kinds of sports. Secondly, if you really want to experience adventure outside India, Bangkok is a very cost effective option.

Manali tour gives you a chance to paraglide, ski, go mountaineering, trek, river rafting and camping. Jeep safari is another interesting option which you have. The pristine beauty of the place makes trekking and paragliding very pleasurable. The fast flowing River Beas enhances the thrill of river rafting. As for skiing, the great Himalayan ranges are all yours. Several locations have been identified as safe skiing slopes and arrangements have been made for skiing.

Bangkok is the cheapest international location which you can go to. Being a major tourist destination, Bangkok has well equipped adventure sports facilities. Mountain biking is a thrilling prospect on Bangkok tour. Other interesting sports in Bangkok are rock and boulder climbing, skydiving, water skating, water boarding, kayaking, rafting and a horde of the adventure sports. So, get on with your travel plans and enjoy the excitement at Manali tour packages and Bangkok tour.

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